Whenever I Am Fearful Of What People Think, I Do This.

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I’ve had some days recently where I’ve been plagued with that question “What will people think?”

“If I say that, will people hate it and could it ruin my career?”
‘If I say the truth and people dislike it, could that ruin an upcoming opportunity?”
‘If they don’t like it, will I ever get another chance?

Whenever I find myself becoming fearful of people’s opinions, I do this:


I compare their opinion to my mortality.

This is the main hack so let’s start with this. Whenever I find myself worrying about what people think and how it may affect my success, I remember that in the scheme of things I am only on this Earth for a short amount of time.

Anything that I say will likely be forgotten pretty quickly. People are so caught up in all the troubles of their own life that they don’t have space in their mind to remember all of my flaws and silly moments. So if people are highly unlikely to remember, then who cares what people think?

Comparing opinions to your own mortality is a fantastic way to get a reality check. This way of thinking always gets me out of my head. Death is a good motivator that will make you take action and not get caught up in your head trying to win a war against opinions.


I’d rather try for greatness than never know because of fear.

Being paralyzed by people’s opinions stops you from ever reaching your full potential. You end up second-guessing yourself and not taking certain actions out of fear for what people may think. You can’t enter their mind and steal their thoughts (not yet, anyway) so you’ll never know for sure.

Maybe people love what you said. Maybe what you hypothesize they’re thinking is wrong. So the truth is you’ll never know for sure.

“What I do know for sure is that greatness is within all of us and it can only be unleashed when you stop giving an F”

Greatness is achieved when you say what you think, you take vulnerable actions, you’re authentic and most of all, you don’t hold back. People’s opinions are holding you back and they don’t matter. What matters is your opinion of yourself.


What matters is you tried.

And your critics probably didn’t. By not being held back by opinions you end up trying things that you’d normally not do. Here are some of my own examples:

  • I went to a high interval training workout class. Normally I wouldn’t because I’m currently unfit, but because I don’t care what people think, I did it anyway and loved it.
  • I entered a public speaking competition and won against very tough competition. Normally I wouldn’t but I told myself that I can say cool stuff too.
  • I took a long plane trip overseas. Normally I wouldn’t because I have a fear of flying but because I’ve now flown enough times, flying is actually fun.
  • I started this whole blogging thing. Normally I wouldn’t of because I used to hate writing and found it dead boring. I thought people would think what I had to say was dumb. Then I discovered my passion for blogging and now it’s what I’m known for by millions of people

How much success are you leaving on the table by being shackled down with the opinions of others? Just do what you love and if people hate it then screw them. They’re obviously not your target audience or don’t get your unique talent. Giving it a go will show you more than doing nothing.


I think about not living my dream life.

If people’s horrible opinions of you are weighing you down, then try this reverse hack: Think about what would happen if you didn’t live your dream.

Whenever I second guess myself about giving a talk, I think about what would happen if I never discovered this whole inspiring others gift that I had secretly hidden inside of me.

When you weigh up in your head the difference between people’s thoughts of you, and living your dream life, you’ll find your mind always pushing towards the later. Use this super-sized hack to destroy your fear of opinions.


I remind myself of what the great’s do.

If fear of public reticule is holding me back, I think in my mind about what the greats would do. Would Steve Jobs let someone tell him that his phone needs more buttons?

“Would Martin Luther King let someone tell him that black people’s rights don’t matter and to stay at home today by the warm fire? Not in a million, trillion years”

So if the greats wouldn’t allow opinions to stop them in their tracks, why the heck would you?


I think of what I’m doing in comparison to the world.

An excellent way to put your actions and the opinions about them into perspective is to compare what you’re doing with the world. If you say something stupid in front of your co-workers, in the scheme of things, does that one event change the rest of the world?

Does your little mistake really matter compared with the billions of other mistakes that are happening at the same moment? Probably not.

If you want to increase your productivity and learn some more valuable life hacks, then join my private mailing list on timdenning.net

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Lyfe Jennings Net Worth

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Introduction Lyfe Jennings is an American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and producer. He plays multiple instruments, including the guitar, bass, and piano, which he integrates into his music. He was referred to by The New York Times as a “socially minded R&B singer”. As of 2017, Lyfe Jennings’ net worth is $500 thousand. Not the […]

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20 Inspiring Gratitude Quotes and Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal Giveaway

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Hi friends! Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate.

I’m so grateful to all of you who share your experiences and insights on the blog, and to those who you who give your time and energy to help others in the comments and community forums. And I am endlessly inspired by your openness, your empathy, and your kindness.

To celebrate this day, I gathered some of my favorite gratitude quotes (mostly from anonymous sources), and I’ve also put aside two copies of Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal for a special giveaway.

About the Journal

Including questions and prompts pertaining to both your past and present, the journal will help you see your life through a new, more positive lens.

The book also includes fifteen coloring pages, depicting awesome things we often take for granted, like nature and music.

With space for written reflection, these pages provide all the benefits of coloring—including mindfulness and stress relief—and also guide you to recognize the beauty in the ordinary.

Whether you've been gratitude journaling for years or you're just giving it a try for the first time, Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal will help you access a state of inner peace, contentment, and joy.

The Giveaway

  • To enter to win one of two free copies of  Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal, leave a comment below sharing something you’re grateful for today.
  • For a second entry, share this post on one of your social media pages and include the link in a second comment.

You can enter until midnight, PST, on Thursday, November 30th.

If you’ve already received your copy, I would appreciate if you’d leave a review on Amazon here. It doesn’t need to be long—even a tiny review can make a big difference.

The Quotes


Yes, that last one is my own quote, so it's probably kind of odd to include it in a list of my favorites. But I wanted to add this one in case you're going through a tough time right now and not feeling all that grateful. Be good to yourself. Take care of yourself. And know that you are loved and appreciated.

About Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and Recreate Your Life Story, an online course that helps you let go of the past and live a life you love. Her latest bookTiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal, which includes 15 coloring pages, is now available for purchase. For daily wisdom, follow Tiny Buddha on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram..

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Michael Dapaah Net Worth

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Introduction Michael Dapaah, known better by one of his stage names “Big Shaq”, is an English comedian, actor, rapper and social media celebrity. He recently rose to fame with the single “Man’s Not Hot”, which has became a viral sensation worldwide. You know he is, you’ve heard the lyrics, you’ve seen fire in the booth. […]

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Tai Lopez: Why You Are Not A Winner And How To Be One

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Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur and investor who is teaching other people how to build businesses. He thinks the education system is broken and doesn’t teach the real world stuff people need to know to start their own business and so he is sharing all the knowledge he learned by building his own successful companies. […]

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How Sharika Brown Earns Six Figures and A Free Mustang

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It took Sharika Brown six months to make her first $14K online. Ten months later, I met up with her at the Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas, and her online income passed $100K. Now, she earned herself a free car from the MOBE Motors program as well! To think, all this started with her going through my 21 step program.

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Seeing Rejection As Redirection: What We Gain When We Lose

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“Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” ~Steve Maraboli

Rejection hurts. Whether it is from family, friends, co-workers, or a new company, when we experience rejection it hits us right in the heart—the control center to our emotions.

We may wonder, what is wrong with me? We might begin pulling ourselves apart with self-criticism. However, rejection also has a way of teaching us, redirecting us, and ultimately making our lives better.

I have learned to look at rejection differently these past couple of years. Actually, many of my greatest blessings have come out of what I perceived as rejection. Yes, there have been many painful experiences, but then again, I always have been one to learn more through pain than through pleasure.

When I was younger, I faced rejection daily. I was an overweight teenager with crushes on any boy who looked at me. Other kids would constantly make fun of me, and no boys dared to show me any bit of interest. I was bullied and rejected simply for being me.

I experienced rejection around relationships several more times as I grew older. There was a period when I was so afraid of rejection, I clung onto friendships and relationships that I intuitively knew were not healthy for me.

Unsurprisingly, these relationships eventually died out. This, of course, validated my beliefs that I was unworthy and that I would always be rejected. More so, it led to significant feelings of loneliness, even surrounded by bodies of people.

As I got into my career, there were several times I did not get the job I had hoped for.

I did not receive my professional counseling license in the time I wanted and planned for. I did not get that promotion I had worked so hard for. The rejections just kept piling on.

Finally, it was like a light bulb went on. These things were all happening for a reason, and they were all perfectly timed.

I began to spin the way I viewed rejection. I started to see it as an ability to reassess and become more acquainted with different parts of myself. In some situations, I was able to see that maybe I was not on the right path. Or, if it still felt I needed to be there, I was able to look within and see where I needed to improve in order to make it happen.

My perspective became clearer. Every job I was denied for, opened the door to new (and better) opportunities. Every relationship that hurt me, led me to my true love (and husband-to-be). Every mistake I made, guided me to look within.

I was able to learn, grow, and ultimately make changes. I forgave myself for not knowing what I did not know until I learned it. I found myself thanking all of the people, places, and things that rejected me. They led me on a process to being the person I am today, a woman of integrity, grace, resilience, and strength.

But, let me warn you, this epiphany did not happen overnight. Slowly, I began to see my perception and my beliefs were no longer serving me. I started to look at situations differently, and began searching for the blessing in disguise. I know, it sounds easier said than done, but there are some tools we could use to help quiet the inner critic that shows up during these times of distress.

1. Treat yourself with compassion.

If there’s anyone that knows the dialogue “You deserve bad things because…” it's me. But, research shows negative self-talk is destructive and ineffective.

If I believe I deserve bad things, I will start to attract people or things that validate that belief. What we feel on the inside, manifests itself on the outside.

We need to work on responding to our inner critic with kindness and compassion. A helpful way of doing this is communicating with yourself like a dear friend.

When a girlfriend went through a job denial, I encouraged her to trust that new opportunities would evolve. I also acknowledged her courage for just showing up and interviewing. I would never have said she’s hopeless and she ought to give up.

When friends have gone through terrible breakups, I have always done my best to remind them they are worthy of love, and to help them find the lesson in the situation. I wouldn't have told them it was their fault because there was something wrong with them.

2. View rejection as getting outside your comfort zone (where all the magic happens).

If we never experience rejection, we are probably not taking many chances, and therefore, not making many changes.

When we get rejected, we can at least be comforted in knowing that we are taking risks. These risks help us better understand who we are and where we are going. More so, they help us build strength and develop skills to deal with inevitable adversity life brings, which helps us build up resilience.

I worked hard to obtain a professional license, which was denied to me when I first applied due to a history of being dishonest. At the time, this broke me. I felt so ashamed and scared. However, this allowed an opportunity to really challenge and get honest with myself.

My use of alcohol was starting to have consequences that I attempted to hide. It was beginning to slip into other areas of my life. Ultimately, this rejection directed me to a life in recovery, which constantly gets me out of my comfort zone.

Not only am I living present and sober, it has taught me to get out of myself and be of service to others. Fast forward a year, I got my license. Boy, did it mean way more to me then than it would have the year before, as I put in a lot of hard work to making changes and re-aligning my life.

3. Don’t let rejection define you.

Many times when we face rejection, we personalize it. We make the event of rejection far more than the event. We begin to identify with it. This is a failure, therefore I am the failure. It is important to separate what happened to us from who we are.

Rejection isn’t always personal. Oftentimes when someone rejects us, it has nothing to do with faults on our part; it just means we weren’t a good fit for that person, job, or opportunity.

If we take rejection to mean we’re unworthy or unlovable, it’s likely because the rejection is triggering an existing belief formed earlier in life—which is a good thing, since this points toward something we may want to address and release.

I had a tendency to put my worth into external things, and in a sense, abandon myself. After patterns of rejection, it became apparent I wasn’t meeting myself with compassion. I was meeting myself with shame and attempting to shame myself into making changes.

I worked on consciously being mindful of my thoughts and shifting them to be more supportive. I learned that failure was an event, but not me as a person. Furthermore, I practiced trusting that things will work out at the right time. If it was not working out right now, I still had something to learn even if that was just to be patient.

4. Find the lesson in rejection.

We could easily focus on what we have lost when we experience rejection, but it's more useful to ask ourselves, “What have I gained?” This way we can learn from the experience. Rather than beating ourselves even more over the head, we can turn our adversity into self-growth and self-exploration. With each experience, we can grow stronger.

Personally, I have learned to look inside and identify what I need to work on. I have begun to see I am more capable to handling loss than I have credited myself. I have also found the ability to use rejection as an opportunity to humble myself, and move forward with wisdom to do things differently.

At twenty-five years old, I was divorced from my first marriage. I was in a space of regret and shame. I felt I’d deeply let down my family and friends. I found myself isolating from others and alone. I lost a relationship, a home, friendships, and predictability. But in hindsight, I gained much more.

I began to see I was codependent in the relationship. I was stagnant and not evolving as a person. Slowly, but surely, I began to learn to truly depend on myself.

I gained wisdom about healthy boundaries in a relationship.

I then learned to cherish true friendships. Friends who saw me at my lowest and still loved me without conditions.

Most importantly, I gained a relationship with myself. I learned to love the woman I am unconditionally. In doing so, I finally attracted real love. I learned to value, respect, and love my now fiancé unconditionally.

Our thoughts have a strong impact on our emotions. Our emotions, in turn, have a strong impact on our decisions and our behaviors. If you find yourself experiencing failure or rejection, ask yourself what is your interpretation of the situation. What meaning are you giving it?

If you have a tendency toward negative self-talk, you will find your energy draining quickly. This will eventually take you away from what is important. When we are in a battle with ourselves, we cannot possibly be present for others.

It could be helpful to create a new belief about the situation. On the surface, I may have a loss of relationship, but deeper down I am gaining a better understanding of myself. Train your brain to look for the blessing, not the curse. I, personally, believe I am always being protected. If you don’t believe in a higher power, you could still choose to understand rejection as redirection to something better.

I choose to trust the universe and that things are happening as they should for my highest good. It is crucial for me to have that faith in order to be with the sense of peace, I feel, we all yearn for in life. And, to be completely honest, I am extremely grateful for things not working out the way I once hoped they would.

About Lauren Golombek

Lauren is a therapist specializing in co-occurring disorders. She helps people process their shame and their pain, aids in stopping self-defeating patterns, and helps others build resilience and hope. You can find her on Psychology Today here.

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5 Guilty Pleasures to Cut Out Immediately if You Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

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Admit it, you admire the mansion, you covet the sports car, you dream of that private jet or owning that marvelous yacht. To make matters worse you see your boss owning all of these and living the “good” life.  Deep down you envy your wealthy boss because you wish you could have his possessions.

These feelings and thoughts are all too familiar to wantrepreneurs. But to tell you the truth, you probably will never own any of these. Why? Because most people today lack focus.

Studies shows that more than ever, young people are dreaming of becoming entrepreneurs, build magnificent businesses and fire their bosses. Yet many younglings settle for the cubicle lifestyle.

You see it’s not that these younglings lack talent; not at all. It is simply because there is too many distractions. The previous generation had less distractions which made focus so much easier. However, all is not doomed for this generation if they simply learn how to cut through the noise and learn how to focus like their predecessors did.

Here are 5 guilty pleasures you should cut out today if you want to be a successful entrepreneur:

1. Friends

Have you noticed how small the circles of the most successful and wealthiest amongst us are? Yes they socialize a lot, have a lot of acquaintances and know tons of people. Yet they deliberately minimize their circle of real friends to a select few.

Why is that? Because they realized that they do not need too many people in their personal lives. Having a plethora of friends isn’t necessarily a good thing, it actually reeks of disaster. It is best to have a handful of trustworthy, helpful friends than a bunch of leeches.

Choose your friends wisely, and also choose friends that you can trust.” – Elyn Saks

2. Video gaming

I place video gaming high on this list because to me, it is the number one killer of success. The video game industry is booming at an alarming pace. Shockingly, 95% of boys and a staggering 94% of girls play video games.

Video game designer Jane McGonigal argues that our workplaces could learn a lesson or two from the consequences/rewards systems in gaming. “The truth is this: in today’s society, computer and video games are fulfilling genuine human needs that the real world is currently unable to satisfy,” said McGonigal, the director of Game Research and Development at the Institute for the Future.

“Games are providing rewards that reality is not. They are teaching and inspiring and engaging us in ways that reality is not. They are bringing us together in ways that reality is not.”

While this statement is highly alarming, it is indeed true. After a long day at work who would want some more stress by trying to develop a product or service or thinking of starting a business? It is easier to indulge into video gaming than worry about the harshness of real life.

To tell you the truth, if you desire to be successful the first thing you need to do is throw out that gaming console and focus on some business ideas. Make a business plan, incorporate the right partner, network and learn as much as you can.

3. Too many self-help books

I personally love books and I enjoy a good self-help book now and then. Yet, I know there is no book that can present itself as the manual to live a happy and successful life.

Imagine a stranger walking up to you vilifying your entire existence, telling you countless times that you’ve been living your entire life wrong and that the only road to happiness and success is to be and do just like he/she did, then silently takes off. Wouldn’t it be confusing?

I recommend everyone read self-help books as a form of inspiration or entertainment not to find life’s answers. Nobody can tell you what to do, how to think and what your personality should look like.

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” – Thomas Edison

4. Excessive partying/television

Successful people rarely go clubbing. You might see them at social events here and there but they make sure to keep a balance life. More than just socializing they are focused on their next big venture. Even social events are utilized as networking vehicles. Cut the crap, party less and focus more on that which you wish to achieve.

Too much television: the TV is such a poisonous distraction. Television really offers nothing of substance, yet many of us transform into couch potatoes for hours watching shows.

Many successful people have reportedly admitted to not watch or even own a television for it doesn’t bring any usefulness to their lives.

5. Your hobby

There is only one thing that Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Elon Musk, Michael Jordan and countless others have in common. They turned a simple hobby into a lucrative professional career.

It is noticeable that most successful people immersed themselves fully through countless hours of hard work and transformed a simple hobby into a lucrative career. The key here is to focus on earning a career on your God-given talent instead of just treating it as just another hobby.

How badly do you want to succeed? Are you willing to cut out certain parts of your life which provide no benefit to you? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

Image courtesy of Twenty20.com

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Cook Healthy Meals Under 15 Minutes With These 10 Smart Products

Posted from http://feeds.lifehack.org/~r/LifeHack/~3/kMdfKveFHlQ/cook-healthy-meals-under-15-minutes-with-these-10-smart-products

We all appreciate a delicious home cooked meal at the end of a busy day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the time and energy to make dinner when you get in from work. You’re probably all too familiar with the sinking feeling you get when trying to find something quick and delicious to eat in your fridge. Cooking dinner takes too long, and you’re too exhausted by the time it’s ready to actually enjoy it anyway. A takeaway might seem like the perfect solution, but they are both expensive and unhealthy. The average takeaway meal is high in calories, fat, and salt, which will only make you feel worse in the long run!

That’s the bad news. But the good news is that cooking doesn’t necessarily have to take up a lot of your time. With the right equipment, it’s easy to put together a meal that requires very little planning and energy. Here at Lifehack, we’re proud to present 10 kitchen gadgets that will help revolutionize weekday dinnertime!

1. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

This clever cooker cuts down your cooking time by up to 70%. Not only that, but it’s actually 7 kitchen products contained within just one unit! Whether you use the slow cooker, steamer, or any other of its 5 functions, the inner steel cooking pot will save you a lot of time.

Customer Review: “Awesome features, Very well built appliance and consistently improving for every new model. Perfect for almost every cooking need.” – Phoebe, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

2. Kuhn Rikon Swiss Pull Chop

This clever gadget makes chopping food easy. All you have to do is place the food inside the sturdy container, pull the cord a few times, and you’re done! You’ll save time on chopping and slicing.

Customer Review: “This product is a must for your kitchen if you enjoy cooking from scratch. It easily chops all crisp veggies and nuts into fine chops.” – Donna H Holmes

3. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

This device saves you the hassle of boiling water and watching over your eggs as they cook. Use it to make boiled, scrambled, and poached eggs, along with individual omelettes.

Customer Review: “I must say, I have become very fond of this little unassuming appliance. I like the way it saves me from having dishes or pans to wash that have cooked egg white stuck to them.” – CACGH

4. NuWave 20631 Oven Pro Plus

This portable infrared oven cuts down your cooking time by up to 70%, with up to 75% less energy compared to a standard oven. It cooks meat, fish, vegetables, and even desserts to perfection.

Customer Review: “It really is and does what it says in the ads. It’s remarkably flexible, fast, easy to clean and generally a pleasure to use.” – Doctor Sardonicus

5. Chefaith 16-Blade Apple Slicer

If you need to slice an apple in a hurry, don’t reach for a knife – use this apple slicer instead. Simply place the slicer on top of a medium-sized fruit, and press down. The fruit will be cored and sliced within seconds!

Customer Review: “Used this today for the first time, and I’m wondering how I ever lived without it! I used it on both large and medium Granny Smith apples from my tree.” – Sarah F. Carr

6. Philips Airfryer

The Airfryer’s patented “starfish” design allows a quick and result. It allows you to cook with up to 75% less fat! Just one tablespoon of oil is all you need! It also allows you to grill, bake, steam or roast food.

Customer Review: “Love this airfryer!! I throw all sorts of frozen goodies in here and they all come out so crispy and delicious in just a few minutes! Quiet, easy to clean, and super convenient. Machine itself is a beautiful shiny white that fits perfectly with my kitchen :)” – Mina Kim

7. Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker

This versatile cooker lets you throw in your ingredients the night or morning before, and then heats them up for you during the day to create a delicious meal. You can look forward to an instant dinner after a long day at work!

Customer Review: “My wife and I like to make up enough of something to eat on for about 3 days on the weekends so we can eat better in the middle of the week. Wow everything i have cooked in this has came out like my grand mother had made it, sooo tasty :)” – Canable

8. Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth

This kitchen gadget makes cooking sous vide easy. You will no longer have to spend time making sure the water is exactly the right temperature. Just attach it to the side of a pot, add water and ingredients, and get cooking.

Customer Review: “Cooking with the Anova Sous Vide has made kitchen time much less hectic. Similar to a slow cooker, I’m able to put food items that are vacuum sealed (or water displaced) into the water bath and leave it until I’m ready to serve the item.” – KttyKat16

9. 45 Second Omelet Maker

As the name implies, this clever product enables you to cook an individual omelet within 45 seconds. Handmade in stoneware clay, it also looks stylish in the kitchen.

Customer Review: “I bought 2 because of the comments and I’m glad I did. One for me and one for my husband. We both use them at work for quick eggs without hassle that taste great. I’d highly recommend!” – SCGINVA

10. Microwave Pasta Cooker

This cooker means that you no longer have to wait around as the water for your pasta heats up. Instead, you’ll be able to cook it in the microwave in minutes, thus saving time and mess.

Customer Review: “I highly recommend this to any college student or adult who needs a fast microwave pasta cooker!” – Kelsi Murphy

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Want More Traffic and Leads? Follow These WordPress Tips – Part 4

Posted from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/JohnChowDotCom/~3/TgLEjUUTu_E/

Welcome to Part 4 of my WordPress Traffic and Leads series. We’ve covered enormous ground and it’s important to visit Part 1, 2, and 3 before proceeding to this section. Why? Simple. I’ve outlined everything step-by-step in the right order so for you to build an optimal traffic and lead machine within WordPress, it’s important to follow through from the beginning. Just so you know, in the last chapter, we discussed the importance of installing the right plug-ins, which will automate tasks you shouldn’t be wasting time on. For example, because of WordPress and their awesome plug-ins, it’s very easy to focus on the things that matter, like content and design. Both are essential in creating a blog that generates traffic and leads. Let’s get started with Part 4 and explore social media platforms as a way to build traffic.

Why Social Media?

There are many reasons why social media is an ultimate source for traffic and it has to do with being able to find relevant people all under one roof. For example, if I type Twitter and use the right #hashtags, I’ll be able to find millions of people I can connect with and generate traffic through. However, just like every network, you have to find a strategic way to collectively market to these people. There are two ways you can do this…

First, post or share content on your existing social media profile, hoping those following you will re-share your content. Next, you can add the right buttons to your blog in the right places so visitors will share on their network. The second option I prefer over the first because some people sharing your content can have thousands of visitors, which will generate enormous traffic. However, even when you utilize the second option, it’s important to know what you’re doing and optimize through testing.

Social Media Plug-ins

When installing social media plugins, you have enormous options and it’s important you choose the right one. In my experience, there are two I’ve tested and trust: AddThis.com and ShareThis.com. Both will allow you to configure your buttons and both will provide you with the statistics you need to tweak along the way. Here’s something else, they are both FREE and have a handy WordPress plug-in that will streamline the entire process. Once you’ve installed the plug-in, all you have to do is configure it along the way for performance. For example, a plug-in is ONLY as good as the social platform options. The more popular the social media choices, the better the results, which you’ll learn in the next section and I’ll be speaking from experience.

Social Media Focus

Over the years, I’ve tested several different social media platforms and found it’s important to provide them a variety of choices. However, I’ve also learned too many choices might dilute the sharing process and the overall value. This is why, when I’m setting up my social media buttons, I like to focus on the 3 major players that have been increasing in popularity each year. From my experience, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ have enormous engagement and if you can tap into these platforms effectively, you can generate a lot of buzz quickly.

To set these up, it’s as easy as selecting these platforms in the backend and inputting your username. Next, just make sure you place them in the right place, like, for example, in the beginning and ending of the content. This will give people a chance to share content right before reading, which is useful if you have credibility with existing readers. Adding share buttons toward the end will ensure you give those who are new visitors and who find your content valuable a chance to share your content.

In the end, it important to do a lot of testing and tweaking along the way but from my experience, these “3” social media platforms work effectively.

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