The 10 Best Short Moral Stories With Valuable Lessons

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Stories that have morals and messages behind them are always powerful. In fact, it’s crazy just how powerful a 200 word story can be. Our last article of short stories became so popular, that we decided to create another list, in which every story has a simple moral behind it.   The 10 Best Short

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A New Year, A New You | The Key to Reinventing Yourself

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Life can pack one hell of a punch. If you want to succeed in your ambitions, you’re going to have to fix what is messing up your life. Cut out fake friends and drama, not because you’re anti-social, but because you have no time for drama and fake friends to get in the way of […]

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New Challenges for Advertisers & Why Bloggers and Influencers Will Be Their New Best Friend

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New Challenges for Advertisers & Why Bloggers and Influencers Will Be Their New Best Friend

By ProBlogger Advertising Expert Alita Harvey-Rodriguez of MilkIt Academy.

It’s a tough world out there for bloggers. You all have incredible engaging content that your readers love, yet almost everyone expects something for free.

You probably know that your content is more valuable than you’re paid or compensated for but justifying your media prices can often be a battle. However, things are about to change for bloggers and justifying media prices are about to become a lot easier, if you know how to change the conversation.

I’ve been working with tier 1 advertisers, brands and software providers for over a decade and one thing I know about is when trends are changing and strategies need to be approached differently. I also understand the art of influential selling.

The first thing you need to know is you have something no other media outlet has, religious loyal following. You have what’s called ‘emotional influence’. No brand or traditional advertiser has this.

Take Aussie start-up HiSmile for example. In three years they have built a $10m business all thanks to a strategy to use influencers and celebs to spread the word. Millennial founders Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic decided on several when launching the company, and while most traditionalists would be thinking “$10million on just teeth whitening? Impossible!” it’s not – the game has changed and the fastest-growing and most influential brands get it.

Now it’s time for you to understand the power that lies in the future of your creative little hands.

Challenges Advertisers Are Facing For The Future

Banner blindness is a real thing. Consumers are no longer reacting to advertising like we have in the past. Media has taken a paradigm shift, no one really watches TV ads, reading, magazines or looking at billboards anymore.

This is especially true with millennials who are about to take over the Earth in terms of wealth creation, and the way these guys consume media is wildly contradictory to previous generations. Brands really need to start thinking like millennials.

The rules of advertising, the way people interact with advertising and get new ideas about products to better their lives have changed forever. Advertisers are having to find new ways to create awareness.

  • Ad blockers – The usage of these bad boys have sky rocketed in the last three years. According to Statista in 2015, 198 million internet users use Ad Blockers, up from 54 million in 2013.
    • Not something advertisers will have to worry about too much with booking media through Bloggers
  • Penguin 4.0 – If you’re not all over this like a rash then it’s time to brush up on the 411 surrounding the good news for quality advertisers… like you, a blogger! Google’s now real-time algorithm update in short will be stomping out any spammy looking website’s backlinks. Google wants amazing high quality content. Simples. (We presume this is going to affect a few CDN Content Delivery Networks)
  • Shift in consumer advertising consumption – Like I mentioned earlier in this post, consumer behaviour has changed massively, no one really watches TV ads, reads magazines or notices billboards anymore, especially the millennials. We rely on real social media (Word of mouth from trusted sources like our friends and you!), we tune into LIVE TV and stream when we are ready to watch and when making a big purchase we research to either find the best deal or the best fit for our elaborate needs.

How to pitch better as a blogger

So now knowing all of this, here is my advice to help you pitch to the top of the town with confidence.

Brand managers and media buyers need to be comfortable with new ways of buying media, and you need to get yourself in the mix. Especially if you have good traffic and a solid social following.

1. Your strategy should be two fold, new followers and new advertisers

This is pretty self explanatory. If you want funding to grow your blog you need to have a dual focus.

2. Create your hit list

Who will you be approaching in 2017 and beyond to advertise on your blog? Let the hustle begin!

My advice: THINK BIG. There is no such thing as too big. This big thinking has helped us secure celebrity endorsement for our brands before, “if you aim, shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

3. Communicate with authority

When cold calling, have a basic script ready with your elevator pitch and why your phone call will matter to them. I admit, not all calls go to script, but it’s good have on hand if you’re not a confident cold caller.

You have value, avoid discounting yourself and instead think about how you add value. Providing brands with estimated ROI (return on Investment) tables can help you seal the deal! We use this strategy all the time with selling software. This is the info that really matters to a CEO when choosing what gets approved in the budget.

4.Have a solid advertiser sales process

Make sure you have a firm process for offline sales. When a brand manager asks you what the process is have it there with you in a step by step process making it easy for you to manage and keep your busy brand manager happy.


The power is in the hands of the bloggers. The future for bloggers securing funding from brands is knowing your value and how to pitch yourself correctly.

I hope these tips help, let me know how you go and leave me a comment below!

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing Futurist and the brains behind Milk it Academy. A training platform an consulting firm to advance businesses into the Millennial market place and improve marketers skills into new school digital leaders.

For over a decade Alita has worked with global brands including SAP, Experian, SEMRush, TS14+, Estee Lauder, Myer & Online Retailer. Alita is a regular contributor to Womens Agenda, SEMRush,, 2015 ORIA Judge (Online Retailer Industry Awards) and the leading lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute for Email Marketing and Marketing Automation. Follow Alita on Twitter at @MsAlitaHR

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6 Reasons to Read A Book Every Month

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“The more you read, the more things you know. The more you learn, the more places you will go.” Nothing can change your life faster than making a commitment to read. Reading can be a lot like working out; you get to it when you get to it, but that is not enough to reach

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13 Foods That Are as Inexpensive as They Are Healthy

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13 Foods That Are As Inexpensive As They Are Healthy

healthy cheap food Eating a quality, nutritious diet is critical to health and wellbeing. Without the right foods, your body and mind cannot function as nature intended them to. Unfortunately, a small budget can make eating well seem impossible. Nutritious but expensive foods are not an option for those with limited resources. Thankfully, there are plenty of foods that are as inexpensive as they are healthy. Here are thirteen of the foods that best combine together these two qualities.

Brown Rice

An affordable staple in many parts of the world, rice is more filling and much healthier in its brown (unprocessed) form. Brown rice is an excellent source for fiber and contains such nutrients as selenium and iron. What's even better is how versatile brown rice is. While it can be eaten on its own, brown rice can also serve as an ingredient in many delicious recipes, from soups to stews to casseroles.


Dirt cheap, filling, and packed with nutrients, oatmeal is an almost perfect food for folks without much cash to spare. Oatmeal is an especially good source for fiber, which is necessary for the digestive system to function properly, and can help lower cholesterol. Oats also contain omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and folate. When buying oatmeal, consumers should avoid flavored varieties, which contain added sugar.


Bananas maintain a low price year round, and are extremely healthy to boot. This natural snack food is notably high in potassium, B vitamins, and fiber, and has smaller quantities of vitamin A and healthy carbohydrates. Bananas are especially helpful to the budget consumer since most fruits are not particularly cheap.


Since they provide lots of protein, beans are as filling and satisfying as they are cheap. Enjoyable on their own, beans are a great way to boost a meal's nutritional content, since they can be used as an ingredient in many different recipes. Beans are also a valuable source for such nutrients as potassium, an excellent way to consume enough fiber, and often contain antioxidants. Plus, beans can be bought in bulk for greater savings.


Though most nuts are expensive, almonds are a happy exception. Almonds are the ideal snack since they provide a quick burst of energy and are much healthier than most other snack foods. Healthy (monounsaturated) fats, magnesium, vitamin E, and vitamin B are the most significant of the important vitamin and minerals found in almonds. Almonds are a valuable source for protein and fiber as well. Studies have found that almonds contribute to heart health and help lower cholesterol.

Whole-wheat bread

Sandwiches, one of the cheapest and most convenient meals there is, are too often created with nutrient-poor white bread. A far better choice is fiber-rich whole-wheat bread, which is just as inexpensive, but much healthier. A grain's nutritional value is almost entirely contained in its germ and bran, which are generally removed except in products like whole-wheat bread.


Vegetables are crucial to any diet, and spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense veggies there is, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget. Spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals such as folate, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E. Though spinach on its own may be unpalatable to some, it can also be used as an ingredient in salads, soups, and many other dishes.

Canned tuna

As convenient as a food can be, canned tuna is an economical way to get a significant amount of the protein and calories the body needs every day. Even better, canned tuna is a great source for omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for many basic bodily functions and are crucial to brain health. Vitamin B12 (crucial for processing food into energy) and niacin (which helps the skin and digestive system stay healthy) are found in tuna as well.

Whole milk

Although high in fat, milk's nutritional value to cost ratio simply can't be ignored. Since it is high in protein, milk will help drinkers feel full and satiated for longer. Milk is a great source for calcium (crucial to bone integrity), vitamin D, and potassium. Also found in milk are such minerals and vitamins as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B12. Bottom line: milk provides a fantastic nutritional bang for its buck.

Peanut butter

High in protein, peanut butter will provide a big energy boost and stave off hunger for hours -- two qualities important to people needing to save on food. Though peanut butter is rich in fat, this fat is mostly healthy, heart-friendly monounsaturated fat. Magnesium, vitamin E, and potassium are also found in peanut butter.

Frozen vegetables

Besides the specific veggies mentioned above, frozen vegetables of almost any type are a great deal for consumers. Surprisingly, frozen vegetables are also generally at least as healthy as the fresh stuff. As soon as they are harvested, frozen vegetables are flash frozen, locking in almost all available nutrients. In contrast, fresh vegetables start losing their nutritional value immediately after being picked. Cheaper and healthier -- frozen vegetables are a fantastic buy.


Eggs are so rich in protein they could be described as nature's answer to protein powder, which means that consuming a hard boiled egg will promote feelings of fullness and provide a big energy boost, making them an excellent value purchase. Plus, B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, and carotenoids are found in eggs.

Whole-grain pasta

A classic budget-friendly meal, normal pasta is, however, not especially healthy. A much better choice is the whole-grain variant of pasta, which is still extremely cheap. Whole-grain pasta is more nutritious than regular pasta because it contains three times as much fiber, double the calcium, extra protein, and higher amounts of substances such as selenium, phosphorus, B vitamins, magnesium, manganese, and copper. As the above list clearly shows, the idea that eating nutritiously and saving money are mutually exclusive is wrong. Neither a limited budget nor a desire to cut expenses is a serious barrier to eating a good diet. The key is simply to prioritize consumption of foods that are both cheap and highly nutritious -- such as those listed in this article.

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Matt Anton: A Lost Millennial Reinvents Himself With NJ SEO

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Growing up in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, many would-be adults found themselves lost in a sea of potential, drowning in opportunity, yet paralyzed to act. Millennials are often misunderstood. They are seen as a soft generation, refusing to grow up, and take on responsibility. This is the story of Matt Anton, born in 1983,

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Can You Be Successful Without Being Profitable?

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What is success? It may sound like such a simple question, but it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. Are you successful if you are earning a lot of money, but you have to put in over 80 hours of work every week? Are you successful if you’re only earning a modest middle-class income, but that money is mostly earned passively and you’re living the dream of the four-hour work week? Are you successful if you have a lot of money, but you don’t have any friends or family with which to enjoy it?

No matter what definition of success you may have in your head, most of us would agree that you should at least be making some money if you want to call yourself successful. You need to be making enough money to be keeping a roof over your head and food on the table, not worrying about keeping the lights on. You want to be comfortable.

While you may not agree with certain business practices on a moral or ethical level, I think we can also all agree that Walmart is successful. That Costco is successful. That Apple is successful. They are all well in the black. They are all profitable.


And then you’ve got a company like Tesla Motors, makers of the $140,000 Model X electric SUV that John got for free. Most people, even if they haven’t looked at any of the numbers, would likely say that Elon Musk’s Tesla is pretty darn successful. This is despite having a rather terrible affiliate program.

But how you can possibly say that Tesla is successful when it’s being reported that the company actually *loses* $4,000 with every Model S that it sells. If you’re losing money each time you sell your product or service, you’re clearly not turning a profit and you’re not making any money. By extension, you’re not successful. Right?

This $4,000 figure has been reported on by several reputable outlets, including Reuters and Fortune. But this is a very near-sighted perspective on the meaning of success and how they’re choosing to arrive at that figure. You need to look at the bigger picture.


The simple way that they came up with the $4,000 figure in the first place is that they looked at the operating loss for Tesla during that period. The company spent a certain amount of money and it sold a certain number of vehicles for another amount of money. Dividing through to each unit sold, that worked out to a $4,000 loss per car.

However, as Autoblog pointed out, there’s much more to this story. Tesla Motors spent a lot of money in buying new machinery and infrastructure during that time. This is an investment in the company’s future, because that new machinery and infrastructure can continue to serve Tesla for years to come.

From the perspective of an Internet marketing professional, this might be equivalent to you spending money on a mastermind course, a training program, or some excellent SEO software. You may not turn a profit in the first year due to these expenses, but those investments can pay dividends in the years to follow, giving you even bigger profits than if you had not made those investments.

And indeed, going even further, Tesla isn’t even looking to make money on its cars yet. Elon Musk’s grand vision is far bigger than that, helping to push an industry and society toward greater adoption of electric cars and an infrastructure that can support their use.

So what is success? Is it completely contingent on turning a sizable profit? If you can look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and be proud of what you’ve accomplished, if you can honestly tell yourself that what you’ve done today paves the way for a brighter tomorrow, then you can legitimately call yourself successful.

A bigger bank account just happens to be a desirable side effect and one that you should work toward for tomorrow and not necessarily for today.

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7 Ways to Make Your Angry Wife Happy

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Happy wife, happy life. If you’ve heard this before, you know that if you pissed off your wife royally bad, you have to make her happy again.

Even though each woman is different, some traits are common to all including feeling happy when showered with kindness and appreciation. Let her know how much you think about her, how glad your wife makes you with her existence and how much you care for her.

If you’re getting the cold shoulder, here are some ways to turn it around:

1. Do something amazing and lovable

Search out a special gift or throw a surprise party. Keep in mind, a beautiful flower a day keeps the quarrel at bay. This is the common and most usual technique to lift your partner’s spirits.

2. Treat her to a holiday


If your pocket can take it, she will definitely enjoy a lavish cruise in gentle waters and blonde sunshine. Propose to take her out for shopping and be openly keen on the places your wife wants to explore.

If you’ve been spending too much time at work, a holiday would also benefit you.

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3. Write a romantic and sweet poem or love note for her

Romantic gestures don’t have to be expensive. If you can’t afford that luxury cruise, how about DIY-ing something your wife would love?

Handwritten romantic love letters never go out of style. Write down your most genuine and sincere feelings and they will be sure to reach her.

4. Plan dates around her interests

If she loves to watch movies, buy a ticket to a movie she’s been waiting to see. If she loves gourmet food, learn one recipe and try it out for a special dinner with just the two of you. Whether you succeed or not at whatever you plan, your wife will see your effort and be touched by it.

5. Be a good listener


Some women (and men) suffer from feelings of neglect. Oftentimes, all they need is to know that one person loves them wholeheartedly and listens to them. Be that person for her.

When she encounters any troubles, pay attention carefully to your wife and show your concern by uttering sounds of solace. Put down your mobile phone and instead give her your 100% attention.

6. Keep your sense of humor

When a person is angry, she might not be in the mood for jokes or humor. However, avoid clashing with her temper too as this will not yield any positive results. Instead, bide your time and know when to lighten the mood around the house.

7. Do any household chores that your wife really hates

Think of a household chore that your wife REALLY hates to do. Maybe she hates to do the laundry or do the cooking. Now start doing those for her for a couple of days.

Though presents and holidays are perfect but expensive treats, consider that there other heartfelt ways to turn around your wife’s state of mind. A shower of love and affection and a truly affectionate heart is needed to make her feel happy.

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7 Energy Saving Tips to Cut Down Your Home Heating Bills in Winter

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The heating bills can increase as winter approaches. It’s possible that the heating bills get out of a hand and disturb your entire budget. But, the heating bills don’t have to be too high. You need to take a trip to your house and check if any problems are causing high heating bills. There are simple practices that can help you save money while keeping the house warm and cozy.

Here are some easy tips that will keep your house warm while maintaining the heating bills in check as well.

1. Make Sure Weather-Stripping is in Good Condition

If the weather-stripping around the doors is torn then, cold air can quickly enter the house. About 7 to 12 percent of heat loss of the home happens because of the space around the doors and windows. The leaks often force the homeowners to turn up the heat so that the house is comfortable. They cause warm air to escape and the furnace has to work extra hard to maintain a warm temperature. The weather-stripping needs to be replaced after a few years so that they can efficiently stop the cold air from entering the house.

2. Avoid Having Any Drafts Around Electrical Boxes

The electrical boxes which are present in exterior walls, are drafty because their insulation is not always correctly installed in the boxes. You can stop the leaks by removing the cover plates and filling small gaps with acrylic latex caulk. If the holes are large, then you can use a foam sealant. It will help in saving a lot of money and keep your home comfortable. It is just a small investment which is going to be very profitable in the long run.

3. Fill The Gaps in Exterior Wall

The areas where the pipes, electrical cables, and gas lines enter the house have gaps around it. These holes are often filled haphazardly with some caulk. But if the caulk is not high quality, it will crack and will eventually fall off. The gaps provide a passageway to the cold air, and it enters the house. You can prevent the outside air to enter the room by filling the gaps with expanding foam. By doing so, you will see a considerable decrease in the heating bills.

4. Benefits of Having A Portable Heater

You can lower the temperature of the furnace and put a portable heater in a place where family sits together. The temperature of rest of the house will be higher, but the living room will be warm and cozy. It will help in lowering the heating cost by about three percent. You will have to buy the heater but it is not very expensive, so the initial cost is balanced by the saving you will achieve in the heating bills. You can also look to compare the rates of services on platforms such as georgia natural gas prices.

5. Lower Heat Loss with Cost-Effective Plastic Film

Windows play a significant role in the overall heat loss of the house. You can prevent it by covering the windows with plastic film. It is a very effective way of decreasing the heat loss. The plastic film is also pretty cheap, so if it gets damaged, you can easily replace it. It won’t have any adverse effect on the trim of the windows, and you can quickly take it off as winter wears off.

6. Do Not Forget to Insulate The Attic Access Door

You may have insulated the attic completely but if the access door is not covered, it will let the warm air escape. It is important to make sure that the door is also covered so that there is no escape route for the hot air to get out of the house. You can use an adhesive and attach insulation known as the fiberglass batt to seal the door properly.

7. Keep The Thermostat Up to Date

You can save a lot on heating bills by using a programmable thermostat. It can automatically turn down the temperature when you are not at home or sleep, etc. They are not too expensive, and they are responsible for cutting the bills by ten percent or more. Buying a smart thermostat is an excellent way of saving on the heating bills.

These are some of the highly efficient and affordable ways to ensure that the heating bills do not get out of a hand.

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4 Hacks to Increase the Resale Value of your Car

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Sale a Car

Having a personal car has its own pleasure. The connection of a man with his car cannot be communicated in words; the agony of any scratch on the vehicle is difficult to overcome for a long time. In any case, separation is a part of life and your car is not an exemption from it.

Finding a substitute for your existing vehicle will undoubtedly be a daunting task both emotionally and financially because purchasing another car is not as simple as buying a new suit. Your outgoing car can financially contribute to making it less demanding for you to buy another vehicle to drive by fetching you a satisfactory price. However, for getting the value which you speculate for its offering from its new buyer, it is essential that the state of your car is immaculate and that it is well equipped.

When you get into the used car market to sell for your current vehicle, keep in mind that for its buyer it is something new and exciting and consequently he expects the vehicle to be in great condition.

1. Refurnishing It

As referred above when you sell a car, it is the first car for its new owners and therefore he expects that everything in his car should be in good condition. Despite proper maintenance, a little mistake might depreciate the value of your car. Therefore before you sell your car, it would be better to get it properly serviced and get the defects properly detected by an expert mechanic.

If there is any need of replacing an accessory from your car, it will be better to fit with a new set. This practice will prove to be fruitful while selling your car as the new buyer will also get it checked before paying the amount demanded.

2. Proper Documentation

Maintaining proper documents of your vehicle not only protects you from any kind of legal action against you, but it also helps you in getting a better price for your car when you sell it.

The common types of documents which you need to keep updated includes the vehicle registration document, certificate of pollution under control, insurance and the bank’s no objection certificate if you have purchased the vehicle on loan. The comprehensive insurance helps you in enjoying good re-sale value of your car.

3. Eye-Catching Looks

The first impression is the last impression and the same principle applies to selling your car. Although mechanical factors contribute in determining the performance of any car, but still if you keep yours clean and maintained properly without any dents and scratches, it will grab the attention of buyer at the first instance.

Here, it should be remembered that looks of car matter not only for the exteriors but also inside the cabin. You should make sure that all items including power windows, music system, air conditioner system, and all other equipments are working properly.

4. Evaluating Your Car From an Expert

In recent years, the market for used cars has witnessed a dynamic shift and more people prefer to buy a used car as their first vehicle. This trend is seen more among the enthusiasts who are fresh drivers. It would be better to get your car evaluated from an expert who carries vast knowledge in evaluating cars. Today there are various online car dealers who ask you to fill the details of your car and suggest an appropriate price for your car.

Well, the soul of our dialogue is that to get a suitable price for your car, you should maintain its condition properly so that the prospective buyer does not feel cheated even months after buying your car.

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