Learning The Skill Vs Hiring The Skill

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Should you learn a new skill or hire someone who has the skill? I answer that question on this episode of Driving with John Chow.

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5 Steps That Separate Brilliant Speakers From Mediocre Ones

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I’ve long held the belief that the most important skill in business is the ability to communicate with confidence, clarity and impact. Life is a 24 hour, 365 days a year conversation. When we are not speaking with colleagues or customers, friends or family, we are speaking with strangers. When we have stopped talking to each of those groups the conversation continues, although now it’s with ourselves.

We never seem to stop talking. Even when we are asleep, we just call it dreaming. Given the fact that we are doing it all the time I believe we owe it to ourselves to get really good at it. It’s not so much what we do that influences how successful we become but how we make the people around us feel. The emotional impact we have on others is largely driven by what we say and how we say it.

Many business presentations are tedious and a great number of people dread the idea of going to them and giving them. Every now and then someone comes along who challenges the status quo, shakes things up and gives a brilliant presentation.

If you would like to be one of those presenters rather than a mediocre one, you are only 5 steps away:

Step 1: Leave the laptop alone, sit quietly and imagine

We are creatures of habit. The way most of us set about crafting and delivering presentations is no exception. The first thing most professionals do when they are called on to present is open up their laptop and find a presentation they used in the past they believe can help them again.

Resist the urge! The laptop stifles your creativity. One of the greatest intellectual gifts we have is our imagination. We owe it to our audience to use ours effectively.

Imagine what your life may look and feel like if you were one of your audience members. Imagine it was you sitting there listening to yourself speak and ask yourself what would you want to hear, what you would want to know and what you would want to feel.

Now, reflect on all of the presentations you attended yourself recently and ask yourself which were boring and why. When you have some answers, ask yourself which were different and had an impact on you and why.

If you could do anything you wanted to challenge convention to capture and hold your audience’s undivided interest what would you do?

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.” -D. H. Lawrence

Step 2: Remember the last presentation you attended as a member of the audience

Return to some of the recent presentations you attended that you were reflecting on in step 1. Ask yourself what you remember that made a tangible difference to your personal or professional life. Perhaps it was a difference in the way you thought about the topic or idea, something you were motivated to do as a result or a shift in the way you felt.

If you can’t remember anything then you can regard the presenter as mediocre. A brilliant presenter will do whatever it takes to ensure you remember them and their message. What do you want your audience to remember?

Step 3: Get ready to be vulnerable

When you look at your audience what is it you see? A room of colleagues, potential clients, accountants, or engineers? As you craft your presentation, spend some time thinking about who these people really are. Some may be someone’s mother or father, brother or sister, and each of them will be someone’s son or daughter.

They each have titles and roles to play just as you do. Resist seeing them simply as professionals and look beyond that. Think about how much you have in common.  Everyone has hopes and aspirations, worries and fears, achievements and failures. So don’t be afraid to drop your guard a little and let them see the real you.

No one really wants to sit and listen to a highly polished and slick presenter; they would much rather to listen to someone they can relate too. Be prepared to be a little vulnerable and let them into your world.

Step 4: Keep it focused and simple

To keep things simple you have to start with focus. Focus on your message. Focus on what you want them to think. Focus on what you want them to feel. Focus on what you want them to do when you’ve finished speaking.

If you have 20 minutes to speak prepare to speak for only 15 minutes, in other words keep it short. Don’t use bullet points and avoid using too many words. Use compelling images instead. Think of your slides as billboards. Avoid jargon and steer clear of complexity in any form.

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain

Step 5: Now practice and then practice some more

I’m amazed how often I meet presenters who blame the poor quality and delivery of their presentation on lack of practice. You can craft the most creative, compelling presentation in the world. If you don’t make the effort to practice the way you then deliver it, you are doing yourself and your audience a disservice.

One of the key distinctions between a mediocre presenter and a brilliant one is that the latter will spend time getting intimate with every part of their presentation. They will know their content inside and out. They will practice the way they say it finding the right tone, pitch, volume and pace. They will practice the way they stand and move when they deliver it. That means how they move their hands, their face and their entire body.

Presenting and speaking in public isn’t a simple task. It requires a high level of awareness, a great deal of effort, focus and creativity to deliver a message with impact. Taking the time to follow and apply these 5 key steps will go a very long way to making the impact that you want and that your audience will remember.

What public speaking tips would you give to someone just starting out? Please leave your thoughts below!

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BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder Feature Showcase (Video)

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This is a video explaining what the BoldGrid WordPress website builder is and showcasing its features.

You can get BoldGrid for free when you get hosting from Inmotion.

You should also read the full BoldGrid guide.

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7 Ways Intuition Dramatically Transformed My Life

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If you told me two years ago that I have the sensitivity to physically feel the pain of someone’s heartache, the inner wisdom to write endless magical parables out of the air and the intuition to lead workshops without planning any content, I would tell you that you are crazy. But that is me and […]

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BoldGrid WordPress Website Builder Review + Guide

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Out of the gate, I would like to share with you the features that excite me the most about BoldGrid.

I read their entire web site and Marketing materials, including the content on their partner sites, as well as their About and Mission, and watched the videoss, etc, so I have lots to say and explore.

I would like to start though by saying… I am generally not a fan of Drag and Drop builders or themes for WordPress. Why? Because (in general) they leave you stuck with an Editor full of nasty Shortcodes. This isn’t so bad however if your builder isn’t Theme dependent (yes, I’m talking about Divi), because who wants to be married to the same theme forever? Not I.

At any rate, I am feeling optimistic about BoldGrid thus far, and it’s sort of in a class all its own. i.e. Not just another Drag and Drop Website builder from my point of view. Read to the end though to see my final interpretation after diving deep into it.

9 Exciting BoldGrid Features That I Appreciate As A Long-Time Web Site Creator

Here are the stand-out features that I find exciting about BoldGrid.

  1. There is a Simple Wizard that walks you through the creation of a custom-ish site in minutes, complete with a pro theme, content, the appropriate plugins, custom “page sets”, and all the settings… ready for editing. Customization is also Wizardry. And, the included content that is generated within the pages of the web site was written by people in the industry for the type of site that you are creating. So, it’s already in the right lingo. It just needs a few tweaks to match your biz.
  2. The site, and all of its pages, can be worked on in the built-in Staging Environment before pushing live! How cool is that!?
  3. They enhanced the Media Library to pull in content from Image sites like Flickr.
  4. They tweak the WordPress Dashboard to “make more sense” I guess you can say… but you can turn that feature off easy enough.
  5. It’s a “WordPress” web site builder, which is significant, because it is inherently limitless (in a sense), because it’s WordPress, which is highly extensible.
  6. They replaced the default WordPress Editor to something more cool.
  7. It’s pretty much free. In general, you should/need to go with one of their approved hosts in order to get full functionality, and to have it pre-installed. So, essentially they get some money from the host, and from the “paid” images in the Library if you choose to buy some, and there are a couple other optional choices that generate $ for them. Seems like an OK revenue model from both the customer/provider perspective. We need to pay for a host anyway because this suite of tools doesn’t work with Hosted WordPress.com sites, just self-hosted WordPress.org sites. But are their hosting partners worth paying for? I will describe the offerings from their (currently 2) partner hosts down below, so you can be the judge.
  8. They have a quick “Start Over” feature to get back to Square One. Nice!
  9. They take Responsive to another level. OK, yes, their designs “respond” to the device being used, whether Desktop (or TV), Phone, or Tablito (as my kids call it), and that is pretty much to-be-expected from WP themes these days. Now, with BoldGrid and the new Editor, you can a) Preview your content in all 3 environments! and b) Edit the content for each environment separately if desired!

More than that, they have a development, design, and business team, that is committed to the WordPress Community.

I’m feeling jittery right now. Not sure if it’s because I am new to coffee and I’m on my 3rd cup, or because I am excited to give BoldGrid a spin. Perhaps both.

Could it do more for us? Sure, but it’s just in version 1. Even the latest version (1.3 at the time of this writing) has brought some major improvements though. Version 2 will find its way to us in 2017.

Read on, my friend.

Some BoldGrid Claims Put To The Test

In the following section I will be exploring some of the promises made in the Marketing on the BoldGrid site.

  • Is it really simple to use for even beginners? I will do my best to interpret that as I use it, and share my opinions.
  • Does it truly generate clean code? This is very important to me, so I will be doing a close inspection.

My BoldGrid Setup Journey

Upon logging into a fresh BoldGrid site, I land in the WP Dashboard as expected.

I am presented with the Intro video, as well as the “Advanced WordPress Users” video, and options to seek basic/advanced help, or simply start the process.

First though, for a true beginner experience, I decide to “Reset Pointers and Admin Notices (help messages)” in case someone else was playing around before me, as well as activate the “Use BoldGrid Admin Menu system” feature in Settings >> BoldGrid. With a quick page refresh I see some changes in the WP Menu.

I see a new “Inspirations” menu option near the top, which is my Getting Started Wizard. Note: if you see “BoldGrid” up there, you are looking at the “other” view still.

The “Appearance” menu is now “Customize” with options such as: Active Site, Deploy Staging (I love this feature!), Change Themes, and so on. “Posts” is now “Blog Posts” for some reason. There’s also a “Transactions” menu for purchasing Tokens for add-ons (like buying stock images).

The currently installed plugins include: BoldGrid Editor, BoldGrid Inspirations, and BoldGrid Staging.

So far so good. Easy enough. Now let’s jump into Inspirations, shall we?

1) In the “Design” tab of Inspirations, I am presented with a list of Categories that indicates the choice of themes, and the content associated with the themes. I am going to go with “Consulting” and the very attractive “Pavilion” theme. I do have the option to “Preview” themes beyond the thumbnail, but I am trying to walk through this quickly. Besides, the “Start Over” feature is only a couple clicks away!

2) Now, I have the option to see how this theme looks on the Desktop, Tablet and Phone. Very cool! And I am presented with “Back” and “Next” buttons.

First though, I am given options for “Page Set”. I can choose from: a standard page set, five common pages, and all available options.

I am also given the choice to select a “Coin Budget”. I don’t like this. It interrupts my flow. I might not even know what that means at this stage. In fact, I really don’t know how this choice reflects the future steps in this Wizard. I don’t like it.

I am leaving the default “0 – 20” in “Coin Budget” and clicking “Next”.

3) They are calling my website my “Inspiration” which suddenly makes sense. At this point I am able to choose to overwrite the current web site (and go “live” right away), or simply work in a “staging” environment allowing me to keep the existing site in tact.

This is my first foray into this, so I am selecting: Make this new Inspiration my website, and clicking “Install this website!”.

BoldGrid refers to this as the “Fastest and Easiest” option. The caveat here is that the current Theme is deactivated (but Saved), and existing Pages are moved to Trash (but still recoverable).

4) It’s now connecting to the BoldGrid servers, and giving me a Preview of what is happening behind the scenes, like: Downloading the chosen theme and required plugins, and so on. In total, 47 steps were completed, and I am presented with a log file.


I checked in Pages, and it sure did delete everything, including some that were created by another tool. But again, they are recoverable. Also, new plugins were installed: BoldGrid Ninja Forms (which has lots of annoying Admin notices) and BoldGrid SEO.

Now I can view my site as it currently sits (pre-Customized). Look great! BoldGrid recommends opening their Customizer Guide to walk me through the next stage: the “Customizer” stage (using the re-tooled WP Customizer).

Easy going still. I am clicking “Customize” and I have the guide open in a new window.

5) The Customizer has the same sort of look and feel as the default WordPress one, with a couple customizations. You have a lot of control in here for a variety of design elements, with some cool features (that are either WordPress or BoldGrid specific) like: auto preview before Saving & Publishing, Site Logo and Icon, Custom Colors (with Saved Palettes and a Palette Suggester), Background Images and Patterns, Background Effects, Custom Widgets/Header/Footer settings, and more.

It seems now I lost my place in the Wizard, or it’s complete. It’s not clear. Oh well, moving on to Posts.

6) As mentioned, when editing Posts/Pages there is a new editor. I like the Mobile preview choices a lot! It also allows you to toggle the display of the title, which is handy. It seems to have thinned out the sidebar and gave more room for the Editor which is a nice touch, but it requires a collapsed left Menu.

It offers the ability to add the Post to a Menu which I really like. It also has some image purchasing options if images exist within the content that are watermarked (yuck).

You have the option to append an existing Ninja Form. Nice. And it has some basic SEO options (title and description).

Then there’s the BoldGrid editing tool to allow you to manipulate various “GridBlocks”. Like others, it adds code to the Editor, but that’s difficult to get away from, especially when staying Responsive with Rows and Columns. The BoldGrid editing tool is rather intuitive compared to others I have used. I like it OK. There’s a standard “Media Library” feel to adding new GridBlock layouts, Google Maps, and Forms.

7) Editing Pages is a lot like Posts. The big difference is that “Staging” copies can be created for each page by editing the “Development Group” that they belong in. And the Page List displays a new auto-sorting column to indicate the group the page belongs to.

All in all, I find it quite easy to build a web site with BoldGrid. My guess is that it’s probably even easy for beginners.

The important things worth noting for beginners:

  • It comes pre-installed when choosing a Partner Host.
  • No need to buy a domain and do any DNS stuff (although you might want to via free CloudFlare for added security).
  • No need to develop, buy, or install themes or plugins to get up and running. It’s all installed for you based on your custom choices. You don’t have to install WordPress either (or connect to databases, etc).
  • It’s easy to start over.
  • There’s a built-in testing (Staging) environment.
  • Besides 2 brief confused moments, I found the Setup and Customization tools very straightforward.
  • There are pre-built Page Layouts, and they are simple-ish enough to tweak.

Complaints I have include:

  • Changing something like a phone number may have to be done in multiple places due to the nature of web site builders.
  • You probably need to keep this plugin installed for the life of your web site, because it adds custom code to the content. Although… it doesn’t seem to be shortcodes, just HTML and CSS, so it *may* downgrade nicely.
  • It seems to auto-insert Facebook OpenGraph tags when leaving the “SEO” fields blank. Maybe it auto-detects to make sure another tool isn’t already outputting OG. I hope so. But either way, it doesn’t output a Meta Description as expected. I think that SEO isn’t a braggable feature of BoldGrid.
  • You are constantly (but quietly enough) being “upsold” within the Dashboard of your own web site. They even included the Cart right in there! LOL
  • You don’t own your site until after 1 year.
  • It pre-inserts watermarked images into the content, that require payment to “un-watermark”. However, I am sure that’s where the “Free” option comes in when choosing the Credit Budget in the Wizard.

Is the code clean? It’s not bad, but could use some improvements I feel.

Here are my feelings with the current theme I am using.


  • It “prefetches” some assets like Google Fonts, which can help with performance.
  • It seems the code isn’t too unnecessarily bloated.


  • Perhaps it could auto-minify CSS/JS/HTML?
  • More SEO options and customization is needed to say that SEO is a feature.

Are The BoldGrid Hosts Worth Investing Money In For Your Business?

Do the official BoldGrid hosts measure up? Let’s see.

InMotion Hosting

One of the BoldGrid Hosting Partners is InMotion.

The stand-out features include:

  • Dedicated BoldGrid support specialists (that’s required for BoldGrid hosts).
  • Affordable pricing (package costs, with current promos, are: $6 monthly, $8 monthly, and $14 monthly). If you use this link to signup then you will get a massive discount though.
  • A free domain name (for the life of hosting there? I didn’t see an indication that it isn’t so probably).
  • PHP 7 support (means faster running code for WordPress).

The main difference between packages is the number of web sites (parked domains, and sub domains) allowed for each one.

What are the drawbacks? Well, it is shared, un-managed hosting with “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth. Unlimited is not always a good thing. Plus, you are largely on your own for performance and security with shared hosting. However, there’s still work to do on your part for performance and security even with a more expensive managed host, so I won’t dwell on it.

Perhaps just consider free CloudFlare as a basic means to increase speed and security and hope that InMotion monitors for misbehaviour from the others hosted on the same box, and things should be OK for the short and possibly long term. Outgrowing hosting doesn’t have to be looked at as a bad thing anyway.

Keep in mind that you have to stick with them (or any other Partner Host) for a year to take advantage of BoldGrid for free. As stated in the BoldGrid FAQs: As long as you stay with one of our Official Hosts for one year, you own your site.

Web Hosting Hub

Next up is Web Hosting Hub.

Like InMotion, Web Hosting Hub has the BoldGrid trained experts on staff, offer a free domain purchase (or transfer), and serves your sites from fast SSD hard drives (claimed to be 20x faster than standard drives).

These folks give you more web sites per account, and at cheaper rates (based on current promos). It seems to me that they are looking at the “other” host, and making their offer significantly better. Uniquely, they are also giving away some free BoldGrid Copyright Coins. Is InMotion? I’m not sure.

You also get your choice of Data Center to host your site closer to the region you serve, which is great for local businesses!

I do have the same “shared hosting” criticisms here, but I would choose this host over InMotion based on price and feature set. I would ask them how they handle scale, but that may not even be of much concern for small local businesses, unless your business is showcased on Oprah!

Is BoldGrid The Solution For WordPress Web Sites?

I really do like it, especially for beginners. It even has some really advanced, but easy-to-use, features that make it exciting for any type of user, from beginner to expert.

Personally, I really like to keep the Content Editor clean of anything but the basic HTML tags. Reason being… I use tools like Accelerated Mobile Pages, Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, and the like, that can automate the *translation* of the content/code in the editor to work within their respective environments.

With that said though, for a typical business web site, that’s hardly of concern, as are many of the other things that we generally consider to be crucial for Global sites. I think that, for the price, for the audience (business owners and service providers), and with the simplicity and quickness of creation with very very little expertise, this is a fantastic tool.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Is it for me personally? Perhaps for a client site for a local business, yes. We can deploy a small business web site much much faster using BoldGrid than we can on WordPress.com! I proved that to myself today.

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4 Ways to Make Sure You Catch Your Next Big Idea Before It Passes You by

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Research suggests that we have between 40,000-70,000 thoughts a day. We carry out most of our daily activities without even thinking. These can include brushing our teeth, driving a car or even breathing. So most of these 70,000 thoughts are new thoughts, how many do you pay attention to?

Within all of these thoughts, there is at least one a day that could change your life or the world as we know it, but how many do we let slip through our fingers never to be thought of again?

Here are some great ways to ensure that those ideas don’t pass you by:

1. Journal In The Morning

You’ve been asleep for 8 hours, imagine what magnificent thoughts have been running through your mind all night. We need to get them down on paper. This is why it’s a perfect time to journal. Write anything down that you’re feeling or thinking. Go crazy and write as if no one else will read it. It doesn’t even have to make sense.

When we wake up those thoughts can slowly dissolve as the day progresses. The sooner we can get our ideas down the better. There’s nothing like a fresh idea in the morning to start your day right.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

2. Use A Notebook or Dictaphone Every Day

No day is ever the same in our lives. You come across different problems each day which present different thought processes. You may have a solution in mind for a problem that you’ve found, again this has to be recorded or written down before your next thought comes along.

Having a notebook or a Dictaphone is one of the most important things to do if you’re going to change anything. If you like to sketch ideas, or mind map then a notebook is great. If you’re a person that doesn’t have those extra 20 seconds to write something down then grab a Dictaphone and record.

Again these notes or recordings don’t have to make sense, just make sure they are down somewhere as soon as possible. Are you seeing the theme here? Get the ideas down as soon as possible with as much detail as possible.

3. Use Social Media To Get Instant Feedback

Thought and ideas are great things to have throughout the day, but it is even better to get instant feedback. The majority of this audience have access to one form of social media, on their phones, so get your ideas on there.

Ask your audience “Would people benefit from an App that gives fashionable clothing suggestions for today’s weather?” This will give you instant feedback. No waiting for surveys or sending out hundreds of emails. People love interaction on social media, why not get them interacting with your ideas to get some real and quick feedback?

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

4. Recap At The End Of The Day

At the end of every day you need to re confirm your ideas in your mind, so they don’t slip away again. Take your notebook or your Dictaphone and write down each idea or thought again in a more detailed form, with a bit more structure. Having a nice notebook for this makes the experience more enjoyable.

This practice of writing each idea down again will reconfirm them in your mind, so you’re more likely to act on them. Remember this has to happen on that day, if you go to sleep in between writing the idea down and reconfirming it then some of the “magic” of that idea has gone. Don’t leave it too long.

It’s all about catching these ideas before they pass you by. The quicker and the more detail you can put into each one, the more ingrained those ideas will become in your mind. This way you are much more inclined to act on them.

What do you do on a daily basis to ensure that you don’t miss any golden ideas? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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12 Essentially Exceptional Academic Writing Tools For A Polished Dissertation

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A dissertation is defined as a document submitted in support of an academic degree or a professional qualification. It presents the author’s research and findings pertaining to a particular subject.

The requirements do vary from country to country and institute to institute but the overall structure is relatively similar. The process of writing a dissertation may take anywhere from 2 to 3 months to over a year. Students will investigate the subject of their dissertation presenting their final point of view in retrospect to the results of their research.

1. ThinkWell

One of the most important factors to writing a dissertation is sticking to a timetable. The timetable should be designed in such a way that it is achievable as well as practical. ThinkWell provides logistic support to design custom schedules, keeping in mind the objectives which need to be achieved. Students can use their assistance to schedule their activities for the next 6 months to even over a year in some cases. This is an ideal tool for students who are working on their thesis as well as taking classes.

2. ThinkFree

Almost all students are anxious to start writing the introduction of their dissertation. In some cases, they are unable to find the proper tools to help them compose their project. ThinkFree provides you a stable and efficient platform for all sorts of documents from spreadsheets to presentations and even regular word processing documents. The best feature of this software is that it allows you all in one access to your documents from several locations, for example, a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a desktop.

3. MHR Writer

Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, student are unable to complete their assigned academic work. It just so happens that they might have completed half or just the brainstorming session for the given assignment and they are unable to complete the project. MHR Writer provides expert academic assistance to complete your dissertations or assignments to meet your deadline. They provide comprehensive guarantees regarding plagiarism as well as a guarantee to meet your deadline. Around the clock customer support is also a standard feature of their assistance.

4. Crocodoc

In the course of writing your dissertation, there will come times when you need to design certain pages or illustrations which need attention to minute details. With the help of this application, you can embed complete images and pictures using 360 views. You can edit the background as well as each and every layer in the final document. You can use both the 2D view and the 3D view to make sure that your images are designed perfectly. This is an extensive tool which can provide pertinent assistance in the completion of a final project.

5. The Free Dictionary by Farlex

This is a tool which is productive for use for students from all stages of life. This UK based facility employs several different resources all in one place. Students can use their dictionary to improve their vocabulary as well as improve their final presentation with the help of the thesaurus. This software can also be used on your mobile phone. The best part about this resource is that it is completely free of charge.

6. Dictionary.com

There are times when we come across new words and are unable to make out the exact usage of the word. With the help of this US based dictionary, you can find out the meaning of words as well as find different synonyms to convey your message across appropriately. You can also find out the meanings of idioms and phrases which you are unaware of. This application can also be used in your tablet, laptop or even desktop.

7. ThinkBinder

During the course of your research for writing your dissertation, there will be times when you will need to organize meetings with your colleagues. ThinkBinder lets you start a study group with the set of people related to your research. You can use this software to accumulate writing material pertaining to your thesis all in one place, with the help of your colleagues or instructors. This tool will come in especially handy during the research phase of your dissertation.

8. Canva

Need help presenting your ideas in an attractive overall layout and presentation? Canva provides you several templates and tools to customize your complete project. This is a great way to combine illustrations and diagrams to your work with effectively displaying the appropriate material. You can customize graphics precisely and meticulously with the help of this tool. If you are unable to find what you are looking for Canva also provides customer support assistance.

9. A.nnotate

If your research involves getting information from several different sources, you will face the problem of collaboration. With the help of this software, you can annotate web pages into your project as well as documents and even PDF files. It is compatible with almost all web browsers. It is an efficient way to centralize all the results of your investigations with the help of this tool. If you have received material from your teachers or your colleagues it might not be in the format you required. With this tool, you can combine all the information in one place.

10. Sketch

Sketch is a practical app which was created by the makers of Evernote. You can create diagrams, pictures and even their captions with this software. Even after you have created a diagram or an illustration that diagram or illustration is still completely 100% editable. You can view the pictures in minute details right down to the last pixel. You can even adjust the borders and shadows of your drawings. The best part about the drawings made using sketch is that they are completely exportable without having to add or remove anything.

11. PlagTracker

Once you have completed your dissertation, it is imperative to check for any traces of plagiarism. Maybe inadvertently you might have forgotten to mention the source or reference of a certain quote. With the help of PlagTracker you can pinpoint and eliminate any occurrences of plagiarism. PlagTracker also helps you edit the plagiarized text should the need arise. They have a panel of writers to edit your final dissertation to make sure that you have a completely unique piece of work.

12. Plagium

This is a NY based company which has targeted the general public for their assistance. They provide an extensive plagiarism check which is unparalleled. They provide assistance to check documents larger than 5,000 characters as well. The smaller documents are checked for plagiarism free of charge but there may be a charge for the larger documents. Before associating any work with your dissertation it is advisable to use this service to apprehend plagiarism.

Summing It Up

Always keep in mind that coordination with your institute requirements for the schedule, formatting and structure related to the academic writing and whole project should always be taken into consideration. With the assistance of all these above tools and with the coordination of your academic dissertation  supervisor the project will be completed in no time.

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10 Things You Never Knew About Bed Bugs

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Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the Bed Bugs bite”,- this age old rhyme may sound cute while tucking your kids into bed at night, but now it has turned out to be a frightening reality. These pesky tiny insects that feed on human blood have made a comeback and are very common than ever before.

We need to get more educated and vigilant and learn everything thing we can to defend against them and in worst case scenario, prevent a bed bug infestation in our homes.  These creepy parasites have a lot of secrets that you never heard of before and will make you surprised.

Here are ten facts you never heard about bed bugs:

1. Bed Bugs Can Live Anywhere


Most folks think bed bugs only live in hotels and motels. But the reality is that bed bugs can thrive anywhere – apartments, hospitals, college dormitories, family homes, schools, office buildings, trains, planes, buses, cars, and just about any place where humans live. In fact, it’s been reported that bed bug infestations are relatively common in single-family homes and apartments/condos with infestation rate of 89 percent and 88 percent respectively.

 2. Bed Bugs Don’t Care About Cleanliness or Personal Hygiene

People often say bed bugs are found only in dirty places, overcrowded cities or third world countries. That’s not true. Bed bugs are found in all towns and cities of the world. In fact, incidences of bed bug infestations are three times higher in urban areas than in the countryside.

All bed bugs care about is access to lots of people. It doesn’t matter if you take a shower every day, or wash your clothes regularly. You may still have bed bugs clinging on your clothes or luggage.

In short, any densely populated areas or places like high-end hotels, shopping malls, dorms, movie theaters, are all at risk of being infested with Bed Bugs. Clean places won’t deter them.

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3. Bed Bugs Don’t Transmit Any Harmful Diseases

Unlike mosquitoes, flies or other insects, bed bugs aren’t yet confirmed to be spreading any diseases when bitten other than itchiness and red bumps on the skin. However, doctors report that they can cause some mental problems.

Some people become so obsessed and fearful of them that they can’t get good sleep for weeks, miss work, spend hours on the internet about the subject and become paranoid. Bed Bugs are also said to aggravate the symptoms of allergy and asthma patients.

4. Bed Bugs Aren’t Always Nocturnal

Bed Bugs aren’t truly nocturnal creatures. It is true that most people report bed bug bites while sleeping during the night and they get scared when light, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t bite you in the daytime.

Bed Bugs are opportunists and crave for blood, and if they are hungry, they will come out and bite you during the day. Even more so, bed bugs are attracted to the body warmth of humans and to the carbon dioxide we exhale.

5. Bed Bugs Are Masters in Anesthesiology

Often, people wonder why they can’t feel the moment they are being bitten by bed bugs. The saliva of bed bugs works as an anesthetic which numbs the area of the bite and helps increase of blood flow in the area, making the feeding process smooth and almost painless.

After the feeding process is over, the bed bugs hide for 5-10 days in secluded places to digest the blood, mate and lay eggs. Also, bed bugs typically feed for 3 -12 minutes and gain as much as six times their body weight while feeding.

6. Bed Bugs Can Survive Without Blood For Up To 550 Days

Bed Bugs can live without a blood meal for days or even months. Adult bed bugs are found to survive for as long as 550 days straight without food. It’s an unbelievable feat indeed!

This means they can live in your mattresses, luggage, and furniture as long as they can to get in contact with humans again. Bed bugs can survive in extreme temperatures (zero to 122 degrees) making them harder to eradicate without a professional pest control service.

7. Don’t Throw Away Your Belongings

Most people say you can get rid of a bed bug infestation in your home if you throw away your bed, mattress, clothes, linens, carpets, and furniture. Well, that may help a little, but it won’t entirely help you get rid of them.

The answer lies in bed bugs’ dislike of extremely high temperatures. So, exterminators use a combination steam, chemicals, and dry cleaning to destroy bed bugs in your rooms and furniture. If your clothes get infested with bed bugs, just wash them in very hot water for around half an hour to kill them.

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8. Bed Bugs Are Extremely Good in Hiding


Bed Bugs aren’t only smart; they are elusive too. They know when to stay out of view during the daytime and hide in the cracks and crevices in the walls, furniture joints, beds and mattresses, carpets, in picture frames, behind wallpapers and switchboards and electrical appliances. If your infestation level is low, you will miss the signs. In this case, you should consult a trained professional.

Some common signs of high bedbug infestation are black fecal spots found in the bed or mattress linings, bedbug skins, or if you are lucky (or unlucky), you can find an actual bed bug.

9. Don’t Use Home Remedies to Kill Bed Bugs

Don’t use any of the Do-It-Yourself bed bug eradication techniques you read on the internet. Don’t attempt to fumigate your rooms or house or use a bug bomb or a fogger even if it claims about their effectiveness.

The truth is most of these remedies don’t work, and some of these methods will scatter the bed bugs to areas of your dwelling or your neighbor’s house that previously weren’t. So, it’s better to call a trained professional to help contain and deal with the problem.

10. Bed Bugs Are Here To Stay

Since the 1990s, due to changes made in pesticides and insecticides regulations, lifestyle changes and the massive increase in domestic and international travel, bed bugs have made a steady comeback, and their populations have grown exponentially. Though the situation is manageable, we all have to accept the fact that bed bugs are here to stay and they will be with us every time we travel.


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How To Be The Most Interesting Man (Or Woman) In The World

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When I was a kid I wanted to be liked. Heck, I still do. We all do. Who doesn’t want people to think that they’re fascinating, charismatic, and fun? We want attention. Over the years I’ve become an expert at trying to become interesting. I had this theory that it would make more people like […]

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Five Incredibly Easy ways to Add Sprouts to your Diet

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If you love salad bars or oriental foods, you are already familiar with sprouts. There are many different kinds of sprouts. If you made the acquaintance of sprouts in a salad bar, more than likely, you consumed alfalfa sprouts. If your exposure was during a Chinese dinner, then you’ve had mung bean sprouts.

Broccoli sprouts are currently enjoying a lot of popularity as it’s been discovered that they contain a compound called sulforaphane at much higher concentrations than fully grown broccoli. This compound may actually treat some types of cancer by stopping the growth of malignant tumors and is known to prevent some cancers from getting started in the body.

Scientists rate the sulforaphane content of sprouts at 20-50, even 100% higher than broccoli. If you don’t enjoy eating broccoli, this means you can incorporate sprouts in your diet for a higher health benefit.

Research on sprouts leans towards baby plants having much higher concentrations of enzymes, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and even protein. Broccoli sprouts can contain up to 35% protein, while bean sprouts are up to 20%.

Here are five easy ways to get sprouts in your day and take advantage of this super nutrition.

1. Breakfast

You can prepare an egg white omelet with sprouts for a savory meal.

If you are not a hot breakfast person or rush in the mornings, throw an ounce of sprouts into your blender with your smoothie.

2. Lunch

For lunch, use sprouts instead of lettuce in your sandwich or pocket pita. You’ll have crunch and nutrition in one go.

3. Dinner


Have a variety of sprouts in your dinner salad or stir fry with other vegetables. Having sprouts in the evening will ensure a light meal.

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4. Snacks

Sprouts can be spicy and delicious. Try some tasty radish sprouts or some nutty mung bean sprouts. Mix and match for your own special snack mix.

5. Grow your own


Sprouts are very easy to grow and all you need is a container and seeds to have a sprout garden on your kitchen counter. This is a time-saving and money-saving way to get a bang for your nutritional buck.

There are many kits available online or you can assemble your own. All you need is a simple jar, a mesh screen or piece of cheesecloth, and seeds. It is very easy, soak your seeds, place them in the jar, rinse and drain daily and harvest your crop in three to seven days.

It is very easy. Soak your seeds, place them in the jar, rinse and drain daily and harvest your crop in three to seven days.

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So there you go. Five easy ways to incorporate the incredible health benefits of sprouts into your life. So get a couple of jars and happy sprouting!


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