Your Competition Is Magnificent – Quit Being A Sook

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I’ve got this friend and he’s always crying about the competition. He spends a lot of time sooking about them and coming up with plans to take them down.

I’ve put up with it for a while, but now it’s driving me nuts. I started to think: how can we learn to love our competition in business?

Here are some thoughts I had about your competition:


Thought #1 – You say they’re lying. Good!

My friend says his competition is lying. Many businesses lie and that’s fantastic news for you. When a business lies, they are playing the short game.

“The long game in business is about being so vulnerable, authentic and real that it punches your ideal customer in the face every time they hear about your brand”

Trust in business, leads to incredible progress. All those marketing campaigns your competitor’s use are mostly to make them sound like something they are not. When your business is trustworthy, you don’t need to market as much.

Being honest cuts through the hype and because it’s so rare, your ideal customer runs towards you at 110km, with their arms wide open. Right behind them are all of their network who are begging to hear from a business that is a real – a business that is like you and me.

Don’t hate your dishonest competition: learn to love them from the bottom of your heart. See the love in your competition.


Thought #2 – There’s enough room for everyone

This scarcity mindset that you have to own 100% of the market in your first three years of operations is bulldust. There’s room for you and your competitors. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon to reach the unicorn status that is success/world domination.

Feeling like you’re drowning in competition is exactly that. Focusing on your competition 24/7 makes you feel like absolute garbage after a while. It stops you from having a good night sleep full of dreams that contain growth, prosperity, optimism and triumph towards your businesses mission.

I used to be that guy that couldn’t sleep because of competition. Every time someone brought out the same product that was cheaper than mine, I cracked it. I thought that business was so hard because there were so many people that wanted to cut my lunch.

What I forgot is that despite all the competition, people were still buying. Even if we weren’t the cheapest, it didn’t matter. Some people would find us and buy, and others wouldn’t.

The competition can only cut your lunch for so long. If you stick at it and not let the thoughts of their horrible shadows upset you, you’ll be soon making the lunches and cutting theirs.


Thought #3 – It’s ugly

Sooking like a pissed off brown bear with a crown on its head is ugly. You’re showing everyone you work with that you are a sore loser. Winners worry about their own business first.

“Winners know that their business isn’t an immaculate diamond on day one”

Every time my friend complained about his competitors; it made his business seem ugly. I stopped becoming drawn to it as I did at the start. The conversations became more about his competitors than his own business. The focus was lost on competitors which he couldn’t control.


Thought #4 – You can’t win every deal

No business wins 100% of the opportunities that are presented. There’s this lie that you have to be always winning to be successful. There’s this belief that some people have that says their business is unique and therefore it’s only normal that when they pitch, they will always win.

Again, this is total BS. Your business might have some unique strengths, but there’s always competition. Some deals you’ll win and some deals you won’t. You don’t need to win all the time to put food on the table and be successful.

I’m also competitive by nature and I’ve had to settle sometimes for the simple fact that I won’t win all the time. Sometimes losing a deal is only the beginning. The opportunities you lose are where all the lessons are.

“Your lost opportunities are what strengthen your entire value proposition to the market”


Thought #5 – Seeing your competitors suck is inspiring

When a competitor of yours has a major failure, you should be inspired. What I mean is that you should never want your own client base to suffer the same gunshot to the head. Instead of trash talking your competitors for their mistakes, use them as inspiration to not be like them.

Your competitors should form part of the reason why you exist. You should exist not to make the same dumb mistakes they do. You should exist so your customers have a better alternative. Having horrendous companies within the same industry has inspired many businesses like Uber and Airbnb.

Being a business full of inspiring people is easier when everyone else sucks.


Thought #6 – Complaining shows insecurity

By my friend complaining about his competition, what he revealed to me was his insecurity. He was showing me that he lacked the confidence in his own product and so it made sense for him to talk down everyone else’s.

The thing is when you love your product and genuinely believe it’s the best in its field, you forget about everyone else’s. Believing in your product offering comes from the confidence that as a business you believe in yourselves.

If you believe, your ideal customer will believe. Bagging your competition may make you feel better in the short term, but it will never make your business grow.

Thought #7 – You only have so much thinking space

Don’t waste it thinking about your competitors. Use your thinking space to come up with new ideas, to innovate and to WOW your customers. These habits will stop you from living in the scarcity that comes with being obsessed by your competition.

Thinking about your competitors is not going to make them go away. Complaining about them will not improve your product or service. To have a good business, you have to operate from a place of creativity. Being creative is hard work and so you don’t want throw away your thinking space.

Dreaming about your competitors puts you in a spiral of negative thoughts. These thoughts start to overtake the positive ones and pretty soon you can’t be relentlessly optimistic anymore. It’s this optimism that helps you come up with ideas that will change the world.

Much like we compare ourselves to the lives we live through looking at other people’s social media, focusing on your competitor’s forces you to always believe you don’t have enough.

I’m here to say you are good enough. Your business is good enough. Your business can be one of the great’s.


Thought #8 – You can actually do business with your competitors

Here’s the really stupid thing: You can actually do business with your competitors. See, your business can’t fulfill every customer need. Instead of saying “We don’t do that,” use your competitors as referral partners.

I can remember in a business that I was a part of, where we used our competitors over the road to supply us with stock when we ran out and had items on back order. We would do the same thing for them when they ran out of stock. As a result, we always had stock.

“Our competitors over the road taught us lots of things we would have never known if we tried to play the solo game. Business is a team sport”


***Final thought***

Your competition is not the problem. They’re not the reason why you are losing sales. The real reason you are focused on your competition is because something is wrong with the way you are thinking. Your competitors can force you to sabotage your own success if you don’t stop focusing on them.

Complaining about your competitors never get’s you anywhere. The way to fast-track your success is to get intimate with your competitors and find a way to be uniquely you. Find a way to be bold, authentic, real, sexy and unwavering in your businesses values. Be the honest, cool company that is friends with everybody. That’s how you go from being a sook to being the best in your field.

I want you to use your competition to be world-class. You deserve it.

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How to Survive Procrastination: 5 Ways to be Perfectly Alive Again

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Everyone is guilty of this: procrastination. At some point in our lives, we often experience a few episodes of it. Procrastination by definition is knowingly delaying or stopping yourself from doing something productive. Although it is very normal for some of us to experience laziness, some people take it to the extreme. I consider myself […]

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How To Boost Your Business with Influence Marketing Chatbots

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The growing popularity of chatbots goes without question. We are all familiar with a rule-based chatbot that is quite easy to distinguish from a human being. It demands exact command input to respond, so this form of communication isn’t that new.

However, AI-powered chatbots make a different story. In addition to the information-providing bots, like Echo by Amazon or Apple’s Siri, that has almost no influence on marketing and sales, online stores get their loyal assistants represented by branded chatbots.

These chatbots are taking a firm position in modern marketing. In 2016, a lot of retailers started using chatbots to foster brand awareness and personalize customer experience.

It was the right decision for both sides. Modern clients are less responsive to old marketing techniques; they appreciate advanced approaches to communication.

Why chatbots?


A chatbot is a form of software that’s able to hold a conversation in audio or text format. This is a robot copying human behavior. Due to artificial intelligence, chatbots can imitate real communication with a human being.

Machine learning presupposes that chatbots can study and enrich their knowledge. The more they communicate, the smarter they become. However, it will still depend on who they talk to, as the case with Tay Twitter bot by Microsoft.

Nevertheless, social networks and media, like Facebook and CNN, are still interested in chatbots.

After Mark Zuckerberg had presented the first Facebook-Messenger-based chatbot, brands were very fast to adopt the technology. For instance, 1-800 Flowers gave its customers an opportunity to write a name of a friend in its app to order a bouquet for this person.

Chatbots are easy to set and this feature makes them a perfect tool for e-tailers. The similar personalized approach to promotion is applied to one more popular trend called influence marketing.

What is influence marketing?

Influence marketing is a type of marketing aimed at delivering a brand message via industry leaders. Instead of communicating with your customers directly, you hire an influencer. Thus, the target of such companies is not a whole market but a group of influencers.

The main idea of influence marketing is establishing mutually beneficial relations. Such cooperation brings better reach both for the brand and influencer.

Influence marketing is widely spread on Youtube. There are a lot of popular bloggers working with well-known brands to promote their products.

See Also: How Online Blogging Is Influencing Business Trends

Tarte, for example, organized Trip with Tarte campaign for beauty-bloggers with 1 million+ followers covering all their expenses. The only condition was to shot a video about the trip and share it with the #tripwithtarte hashtag. As a result, millions of internet users learned of the brand. Quite a wide reach, isn’t it?

Takumi made a research showing that brands are interested in working with influencers than with celebrities. But, according to another survey, if an influencer’s post isn’t original enough, it won’t have a strong impact on women.

See Also: 5 Instagram Tools That Can Boost Brand Performance

What will you get by combining these two trends?

The answer is simple- you’ll become a marketing wizard.

At the end of last year, two companies combined efforts to create the first influence chatbot for the American brand Cover Girl. Marketing platform (The Amplify) and chatbot developer (Automat) turned Kalani Hilliker, a Dance Moms’ celebrity and an influencer, into a chatbot. Based on Kik messenger, the chatbot mimics the star’s personality to promote Cover Girl coupons.

What kind of marketing magic happens there?


You have only 7 seconds to make the first impression. It concerns not only real-life meetings but also online behavior. People spend on site 10-20 seconds on average so the faster you start reacting, the more chances you get to interest your potential client.

Cost effective

How much time do you spend daily to answer identical questions of your customers? Sooner or later, you’ll get tired of writing the same responses so you hire a person to do this for you or you buy additional equipment for that. Chatbot can do it all for free.


Imagine an influencer talking to you like a friend who knows all your tastes and needs. Sounds like a dream, but now it’s a reality. Speaking about Kalani’s case, the bot managed to generate 14% higher conversion rate than an average Kalani’s post in social networks with striking 91% of positive feedbacks from its users.

Can I create my personal chatbot?

The easiest way out is to hire somebody to do the job for you. But first, you need to know that AI development is rather expensive. Why so?

The technology is comparatively new and there are not many top-level specialists. Lack of skilled programmers can boost the price of the process. Even hiring a junior AI developer will cost you more than $1000/mo, let alone seniors who will demand at least $8,000/mo. Some forums even suggest addressing development institutes to find a future employee there.

But, do you need to hire a programmer to build a chatbot for your marketing campaign? The answer is no. You can find a lot of various tools for building your own chatbot. Even having no skills in coding won’t stop you from getting one. Platforms like Chatfuel don’t require any programming experience and allow you to create an AI chatbot for Facebook or Telegram.

computer programming

By combining chatbots and influence marketing, you will discover a wide range of opportunities. You don’t necessarily have to be a developer. The only limit is your imagination, so don’t be afraid of mixing new strategies to become more efficient.

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Fashion Staples of the Alpha-Female: How To Dress Like One

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Alpha females are by nature clear-headed, confident, and aggressive, but in a good and advantageous way when it comes to dealing with the everyday challenges of life. These fierce females are born strategic thinkers with strong and unique personalities, and they can be very forthcoming sometimes. They make very good leaders in whatever industry they […]

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Top 10 Content Creation Steps For Bloggers

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When it comes to content creation, writing a blog post and hoping for the best is not an option!

Top quality content takes time, effort, energy, resources, and knowledge.

In this article, we have put together a blueprint for how we like to publish content at IncomeDiary.

It is an approach that has consistently worked for us and it will for you.


The 10 Most Important Steps For Successful Content Creation

Content creation, marketing

1. Choose a Topic To Write About

Obvious I know!


a) Who is your audience?

b) What do they need to know?

c) What can you tell them that no one else can?

d) What is your unique talent? (we all have at least one)

e) In one sentence what is the biggest lesson in life you have learned so far?

f) What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it? (Those who succeed the most also tend to fail the most!)

And most importantly of all with Content Creation:

How does your blog post benefit the reader?

Will what you are about to write improve the lives of your readers?

The most successful bloggers succeed because what they write adds value to the lives of their readers

Read the following posts for more inspiration and ideas:

Blog Post Inspiration Is All Around You – Open Your Mind


8 Easy Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas That Get Attention

2. Deciding On What The Goal Of Your Blog Post Is

You don’t create content just to get traffic.

It could be to:

  • Make more money
  • Get more subscribers
  • To get more back-links
  • To entertain
  • To build your brand

Or it could be to simply improve a part of your business.

Using this post as an example, we get dozens of writers contact us every week, asking to publish guest posts.

We want content but it has to be amazing if we are going to accept it.

Writing this article means that we can better help guest posters write better content so that we can accept more posts and get more traffic.

3. Research Keywords For Blog Post

Once you have decided on your topic, you next have to figure out what you want to rank in Google for.

If you guess, often you will over estimate how popular the search term is.

We recommend you use Ahrefs for keyword research.

I will write in several different keywords until I find one that both fits my topic, but also provides plenty of traffic.

Example keywords for this post:

  • How to write a blog post (4000 visitors)
  • Blog Post Layout (90 visitors)
  • Blog Format (600 visitors)
  • Content Creation (5000 visitors)
  • Creating Content (230 visitors)

Based on this information, I chose to go with content creation as my keyword. Not only does it get more traffic than the others but it’s more targeted than “How to write a blog post”.

Content Creation

In the screenshot above, you can see that the global search volume is 5000 and that I will need in the region of 26 back-links from other websites to rank in the top 10.

The Ahrefs app will show you a lot more than that though – and if you are serious about online marketing and SEO this is the one to use. (Their Lite Plan starts from $99 per month!)

It displays the top 10 websites that rank for a search term, plus how much traffic they get and what other keywords that page ranks for.

The keyword you decide to go with, should be what you name your blog post URL, so for example,

Of course $99 per month is not an insignificant sum and will be a stretch for some.

In this case have a look at

Just type in your URL or a competitors URL and they will provide a lot of useful SEO information free of charge.

A Back-links Counter is not included in the free options but they have plans starting from $10 per month.

4. Creating Your Blog Post

OK, you know your topic and you know the keyword/s you wish to focus on – how long should your blog post be?

The average blog post on the first page of Google is over 2000 words.

For this reason, I would suggest, always aiming to hit this number. It is not a hard and fast rule – sometimes I go well over and sometimes it is closer to 1500 words. But it is a fact in blogging that the highest ranking posts are often some of the longest.

Choosing a category for your post should be simple enough, as for tags, I usually choose two tags per post. It’s important that no post, category or tag should be named the same. So for example, if my keyword for this post is content creation, I shouldn’t have a category or tag called content creation. Only one page on your site can rank for a keyword and you don’t want pages completing.

As for writing your article, check out: 17 Writing Tips For Bloggers Who Think They Can’t Write!

5. How to Display Content For Readability

Two blog posts can have the same content, but one gets read and the other is closed within seconds. This is often down to how easy it is to skim read.

Here is how we layout our content:

Headline (h1)
Headline (h2)
Headline (h3)
Headline (h3)
Headline (h3)

And so on…

Of course, you may also add images in, but as a general outline, this is what we go with. You can see an example of it in this very post.

Other suggestions include:

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Repeating headlines.
  • Starting three sentences in a row with the same word.

6. Adding Images To Your Blog Post

content creation for bloggers

Images are very important.

We like to use three different styles of images:

The screenshot, the photo and the illustration.

Personally, I think all post images should be the same width, centered and shouldn’t link to anywhere.

7. Optimize Text For SEO

Using Yoast SEO Tool, you can figure out quickly what you need to do:

  • Keyword should be in post title
  • Keyword should be in at least 1 other headline
  • Keyword should be in first 100 words.

8. Optimize Images For SEO

Well optimized images tell Google what your blog post is about and helps rank the page higher.

  • Name one image the same as your target keyword.
  • Name all other images related to keyword.
  • Add alt tags.
  • Compress images.

We have written a lot about SEO in the past – check out 10 SEO Blog Post Publishing Steps that Most Bloggers Forget

SEO, content creation

9. Add Internal And External Links

Linking in your post is important. It’s another way of telling Google what your blog post is about.

You should add a few links to external authority websites talking about a similar subject.

You should add a few links to internal pages on your site about similar subjects. (Like we have done here)

10. Marketing Blog Post For SEO and Social Media

One of the main ways Google decides where your page should rank in their search engine, is by counting links going to it.

The better your post, the more links you will get.

To get links, you need to get people to read your post.

To get people to visit your post, you need to name your post something people want to click.

Marketing a blog post is a lot more than getting as many links to your post as possible. It’s also about presenting your content in a way that people want to click.

This comes down to headline, description and featured images.


Part of your marketing strategy should be deciding on a post headline that people will click on social media sites and in search engines. But at the same time, it has to be targeting your keyword.

If you were to focus on SEO, you might name your post, Blog Post Content Creation Guide.

If you were to name it for readers, you may write, Best Article Ever Written About Content Creation

What I recommend is you meet in the middle and write for both, Blog Content Creation Guidelines For High Traffic Websites.


Search engine traffic isn’t just about getting number 1 rankings, it’s about getting as many people as you can to click through to your website.

Your blog post meta description should again be written for SEO and for readers.

Featured Image

When you see a featured image on social media, a blog homepage or in the related posts section, you either notice it and want to click, or you scroll right past it.

Final Thoughts on Content Creation…

Still struggling to know what to write about?

Try this:

a) Look at the ‘long tail’ of website search activity on your website. What questions are real people using to find your website?

Then you answer those questions in your content!

b) Check your social media (Twitter and Facebook in particular) and see if people are asking questions or making comments you can use for content creation. Another option is to check publishing tools on your business Facebook page – to see which subjects have the greatest reach, get the most clicks and write a followup to that.

Author Bio:
“BarryBarry Dunlop – lifelong Entrepreneur, Investor, Mastermind Facilitator and Sales Coach. Barry launched his first Internet Business in 1998. Follow Barry on Twitter

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Birdman Net Worth

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Introduction Birdman is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur. Early Life   Career   Highlights   Favorite Birdman Quotes I’m a hard worker, and everything with me is, if I work hard, I should get paid for it. Everything with me, I try to symbolize something flashy like jewelry or a car. The rubbing hands […]

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How to Double Your Faith and Self Confidence – Trent Shelton

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Ex-NFL Superstar turned Motivational Speaker and International Entrepreneur “Trent Shelton” caught up with Joel Brown to share his advice on what it takes to build a belief that is untouchable.

Trent is a big believer that “It All Starts With You”.

Click PLAY on the podcast episode above to find out how you can step into your untouchable greatness so you can live out your life Purpose in Full Effect.




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4 Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common That Sets Them Apart From Everyone Else

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Entrepreneurs are currently in high demand in the world today. As the world progresses in population, there are basic necessities that are needed to curtail this growing population such as the creation of jobs and providing a means of livelihood to accommodate this growth.

An entrepreneur is mandated with the task of not just looking out for himself only, but also procuring ways (either by developing products or services) to ameliorate the standard of living of others. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, but being a successful one requires acquiring traits that are not otherwise common to the vast population of individuals in the world.

Some of the prevalent traits you can spot amongst successful entrepreneurs are listed below:

1. They are early risers

Scientists devised a concept which infer 8-hours of uninterrupted sleep as an optimal duration to attain a good night’s rest. Interestingly, the scientists who came up with this concept don’t follow such rule! You can’t sleep for a long stretch of hours and expect to attain a considerable high degree of success in your field.

A good sleep isn’t measured by quantity but by quality. You can sleep for 10 hours and still wake up feeling dizzy and miserable. It all depends on your state of mind at which the sleep was initiated. Successful entrepreneurs understand that attaining a high level of productivity is greatly influenced by how much you’re able to get done with the time you have at hand.

To get more time to themselves, successful entrepreneurs wake up early enough to use those hours in resolving tasks or planning their day. This gives them an edge in reducing their daily work load and accomplish their set goals on time.

2. They are not busy, they are productive

Most people conflict being busy as synonymous to being productive. This isn’t correct to a large extent as it’s possible to be busy and still not be productive. Being busy could portray not having enough time for yourself, but successful entrepreneurs know the more productive you are, the more spare time you’ll have.

Productivity is highly centred on your ability to distinguish between what’s important and needs more adequate attention from what’s not. Successful people are skilled in streamlining their schedule and placing more priorities to tasks and issues that are most paramount.

They don’t try to do everything on their own (this will make them too busy), so instead of multitasking, they hire people to perform jobs for them. This in turn increases efficient delivery and salvage more time for themselves to deal with other pressing issues.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” – Bruce Lee

3. They don’t shy away from risks

Successful entrepreneurs are driven by passion filled with purpose. Following this direction often requires you to take certain actions that may not be comfortable to accommodate reasoning and approval from people. This is one trait that is prevalent amongst the vast number of entrepreneurs- the tendency to trust your guts and instincts even if it violates logic.

Nothing great can be achieved from the position of comfort. Successful entrepreneurs understand this and are willing to stretch their boundaries and embrace chances to do what’s necessary rather than what is convenient.

4. They accommodate their mistakes and failures

Every successful entrepreneur has been through a series of mistakes, failures, pain and disappointments. But their unrelenting persistence in not choosing to bail out sets them apart from a generation that have been indoctrinated to prefer security rather than freedom.

As Mark Zuckerberg said, “the greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.” Learning from failures and mistakes is an invaluable skill that successful entrepreneurs have harnessed over the years which has contributed to their vast level of experience and expertise in their various field.

“Entrepreneurs know that you are not going to learn anything unless you make a mistake.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Becoming successful in business or any chosen career doesn’t come cheap. The world will certainly test your passion, dedication, persistence and patience and still won’t hand success over to you. You have to make a demand and take it for yourself by not giving up because you can’t see the end of the tunnel, and not taking failure or disappointment personally. All of these obstacles are only part of the journey.

How do you fight every day for your dreams to become a reality? Please let us know by commenting below!

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Four Percent Guide – How to operate and Promote ANY Business

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Four Percent Guide - How to operate Four Percent and Promote ANY BusinessThis is a guide for Four Percent - however you can apply the principles, ideas and blueprint to ANY online OR off-Line business.If you came directly to this site and want to learn more about Four Percent - I will suggest you visit...

Read more here ...

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10 Cool Office Gadgets That Will Make Your Work Desk Organized And Boost Your Productivity

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You spend the majority of your waking hours at work. In fact, 80% of your time is spent in front of your work desk!

So, what can you do to make that time more enjoyable? Get comfortable! Having a comfortable working environment has a huge impact on your happiness. “Who can be comfortable at work?”, you ask. Anybody can! It just takes a little organization.

An added benefit of being organized is that you increase your productivity as well. You see, your brain has to work overtime just to ignore the disorganization surrounding you. Get rid of that clutter and your brain can focus on other things, like work! Read more about How Clutter Drains Your Brain, And What You Can Do About It.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Lifehack has handpicked 10 cool office gadgets to help you freshen up your work desk and boost your productivity.

1. Base Magnetized Wood Cable Tidy

Most computer cables fall off the desktop and onto the floor easily, or you may find yourself crawling under your desk more than once a week to retrieve your charger. All that is over with one of many cool office gadgets, the Base Magnetized Wood Cable Tidy. This visually appealing accessory has a magnet inside to hold your cables in place, keeping them off the floor.

The Base Magnetized Wood Cable Tidy is a stylish addition to your desktop. The product is made of beautiful walnut wood and offers you a choice of shapes: circle, triangle, pentagon, or square.

Base Magnetized Wood Cable Tidy, $35

2. Flat Panel Monitor Riser with 3 Drawers

You may find a lot of loose paperclips, post-its, pens, and highlighters around your work desk. Hide that clutter away in the Flat Panel Monitor Riser Stand Space Saving Workstation. These cool office gadgets raise your computer monitor to a comfortable height, preventing you from hunching forward to see the screen correctly.

The Flat Panel Monitor Riser has a minimalist, modern design that makes your desk look sleeker. Its 3 drawers are the perfect place to store the bits and ends that make their way onto your desktop everyday. This accessory is also stackable if you need more than 3 drawers.

Flat Panel Monitor Riser Stand Space Saving Workstation & Multi-Purpose Organizer with 3 Drawers, $45.99

3. DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk

The unique design of the DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk allows you to set up your workstation along any window in your office. If you’re tired of sitting at the computer all day with a boring office view, move your workstation with this lightweight standing desk. Just carry the standing desk to the window and attach it to the glass with suction cups. Voila!

The desk surface is small and lightweight, making it perfect for travel. Its surface is large enough for a laptop, a few pens, and a notepad.

Deskview Lightweight Standing Desk, $170

4. Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB 3.0 Ports and Headphone / Microphone Extension Ports

The tekbotic USB 3.0 Monitor Stand Hub lifts your computer monitor up off your desktop, freeing space underneath to store your keyboard. Raising your monitor up to eye level provides you with a more ergonomic workstation, reducing neck strain and back pain.

This gadget is also equipped with a por for 4 USB connections and microphone ports.

Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand with Four USB 3.0 Ports and Headphone / Microphone Extension Ports, $47.99

5. Standing Desktop Converter with Monitor Shelf

It could be tiring when you’re sitting all day in front of the work desk. When you feel the need to get up and stretch your legs while you’re at work, this Standing Desktop Converter with Monitor Shelf helps you do just that. This accessory can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. Just set it on top of your current workstation, lose the chair, and get to work.

The Standing desktop Converter with Monitor Shelf lifts your workspace surface and comes with an additional tier for computer monitor placement. It’s a sturdy, yet lightweight, addition to your office.

Standing Desktop Converter with Monitor Shelf, $84.99

6. Surpahs Natural Bamboo Monitor Raiser Stand

Having good posture at the office is one of the biggest battles you have to face. Fortunately, the Surpahs Natural Bamboo Monitor Raiser helps you do just that. This product lifts your monitor up off your desktop, making room for keyboard storage underneath.

The Surpahs Natural Bamboo Monitor Raiser helps bring a little bit of the outside in, giving your desk an outdoorsy and relaxing feel. Made of strong bamboo board, this accessory can support up to 100 pounds.

Surpahs Natural Bamboo Monitor Raiser Stand, $19.98

7. Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

The Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad works up to a range of 30 feet from your workstation. It is compatible with Mac devices and has a comfortable glass top that makes multi-touch control easy. Its low-profile design brings a modern look to your desk and blends perfectly with your Mac computer.

If you prefer using the trackpad at your desk, just connect it to your computer so it can charge while you work!

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac, $90

9. YOUMI Multi-Function Stereo Bluetooth Wooded Environmental Speaker Wireless Charger

If you prefer the look of wood in your office, the YOUMI Multi-Function Stereo is the perfect gadget. This bluetooth wireless speaker has the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, giving you a range of 33 feet.

The YOUMI offers several functions, including: a thermometer, clock, alarm, and Qi wireless charger. Additionally, it has built-in sensory touch buttons that let it maintain a clean line to keep your office looking modern and organized.

YOUMI Multi-Function Stereo Bluetooth Wooded Environmental Speaker Wireless Charger, $65.99

9. Wood Headphones Stand – Genuine Walnut Finish

If your headphones just sit on the side of your desk in a disorganized heap of cables and earpieces, your problem is solved with the Wood Headphones Stand.

This gadget has a beautiful, genuine walnut finish and adds a little style to your desk, while keeping your headphones neatly organized. Its design is complete with a rubber base that prevents it from slipping all over your desktop.

Wood Headphones Stand/Hanger/Holder Genuine Walnut Finish, $19.99

10. Multi-Use Everyday Dusting Brush

One of the best ways to achieve an organized look is by keeping everything in and around your desk clean. The Multi-Use Everyday Dusting Brush is the perfect gadget to help you achieve a dust-free workstation.

The Multi-Use Everyday Dusting Brush has 2 sides to serve multiple purposes. On one side of the brush are loops of microfiber that make cleaning vents and window blinds easy. On the other side is a small brush, perfect for brushing the crumbs out of your keyboard.

Multi-Use Everyday Dusting Brush, $17.31

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