"You Must Stay Offline To Read This" Offers You A Peaceful Place to Stay Focus and Read

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Keeping up with a constant onslaught of notifications and texts is exhausting. We live in an age in which our phones have the same functionality as our computers. People can reach out to us 24/7.

The constant disruptions are overwhelming. Even when I am able to put aside email and turn off my notifications, I still get distracted. Looking up a piece of information can result in a 45-minute trip down the internet rabbit hole. Sitting still and staying focused for even ten minutes can seem like a Herculean feat. It can be hard to concentrate and consume meaningful content when we have so much content at our fingertips.

Not only does this constant wave of distraction feel terrible–it’s bad for us. When our attention becomes divided by the busy online world, we have trouble forming memories and thinking deeply.[1] We’re actually reprogramming our brains to perform on a shallow level by jumping from notification to notification.

It’s time to unplug

Even though we live in a world in which you’re more likely to see people staring at their cellphones than interacting with one another, it’s possible to read offline. There’s no law that says that you must frantically scroll through social media when you’re waiting for your friends, standing in line at the grocery store, or hanging out at the bus stop.

Before smartphones became popular, we used to live offline most of the time. It’s still possible to do this–even with technology in our pockets. Many apps that you love already include offline functions so that you don’t have to use data or be connected to Wifi.

If you need further proof that reading from sites offline is the way to go, check out Chris Bolin’s Offline Only page. A friend sent the link to me, and I was immediately intrigued. When you go to the site, you’ll see the screen below.

It’s worth taking a look at what Mr. Bolin has to say about reading offline. The post will take you about two minutes to read, but it can transform your relationship with the internet. You can use this site to make unplugging a habit instead of just a novelty.

Going offline promotes inner peace

I didn’t realize how frazzled I felt all the time until Offline Only forced me to disconnect. For two solid minutes, I was focused on the words in front of me. I didn’t nervously click to other tabs or jump to notifications. I simply took in the words and felt my mind relax.

Being forced to unplug helped me connect to the present moment. This brief window of mindfulness helped me recognize that I needed to change the way I interacted with the internet.

It was so satisfying to be able to step away from all the static of modern life and allow myself commit my attention fully to one thing. We are all capable of doing this. Even those of us who stay online for work can benefit from stepping away from the internet once in a while.

Use the concept of going offline in other aspects of your life

Unplugging from technology can radically change the way that you experience life. When you make the conscious choice to silence your phone and stop answering emails after hours, you give yourself the gift of the present.

I’ll admit that I get frustrated when I see a group of friends or a family at lunch together spending more time looking at their phones than talking to each other. Whenever you allow a notification to disrupt an in-person conversation, you send the other person the message that the notification is more important than they are. You miss out on the possibilities that come with being in the moment.

Our personal relationships and our work benefit from taking time away from the internet. The more often you use sites like Offline Only to practice focus, the more you strengthen neural pathways in your brain related to concentration. You can undo the damage of years of mindless internet-surfing by adjusting to a lifestyle which revolves more around the quality of your attention than the quantity of items you view online in a day.

Every distraction costs you time that you can’t get back

A recent study found that the average worker gets interrupted once every three minutes and five seconds. A person can lose an astonishing 6.2 hours of productivity to the process of being interrupted, working to refocus, correcting errors from disruptions, and battling exhaustion from being so distracted.[2] Many of these disruptions are likely the result of unnecessary notifications that you can easily switch off.

Don’t squander the here and now through mindless scrolling. Practice focusing every day. Build the habit of being mindful and unplugging with Offline Only, and you’ll be amazed at how much your work and relationships will improve.


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How to Fix: WordPress Site not Working on Localhost After Port Change

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If you have installed WordPress on localhost (example: using XAMPP) and then later you need to change the Apache’s HTTP port number, you will find that the existing WordPress installs will stop loading. It will auto redirect to the URL with the old port number and fail to load. Trying to load the WordPress install will result in a 404 error.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can easily rectify this issue so you can use the existing WordPress installs after a port change (no need to install WordPress from scratch).

Little Background

I have a few localhost WordPress installs that I used using Apache HTTP port #81. I needed to change the port #80 so I could create a new localhost WP Multi-site install (multi-site installs only work on port 80). When I changed the Apache’s configuration to use port 80, all my existing WordPress sites stopped loading. this tutorial contains the steps I took to resolve the issue.

The Main Reason for the Existing WP Site to Not Load

The reason the site is not loading after the port change is because of the site URL value (that contains the old port number) in the wp_options table. So we are going to update that value to the new port number.

Update the WP Database Table

Here is how you can fix it by updating the port number value in the database:

  • Access PHPMyAdmin tool. http://localhost:80/phpmyadmin and log in.
  • Click on the WordPress site’s database (the one that is not working).
  • Click on the “SQL” tab.
  • We are going to execute a DB query to search and replace the old port value.
  • Execute the following query:
UPDATE `table_name` 
SET `field_name` = replace(field_name, 'old_text', 'new_text')

In my case, the exact query that I executed is the following (I was going from port 81 to the default port):

UPDATE `wp_options`
SET `option_value` = replace(option_value , 'http://localhost:81', 'http://localhost')

That should do it. Check the WordPress site and it should be accessible now.

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Search Gmail Like a Pro with These Modifiers

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It’s been said several times before that if you live by the Google, you can only expect to die by the Google. That’s in the context of relying heavily on organic search engine traffic, which can disappear in an instant with an algorithm update. All of that hard SEO work could go down the toilet.

Whether or not you subscribe to such a philosophy, it is undeniable that Google is a positively invaluable tool for all Internet marketers. Even if you don’t rely on organic search traffic, Google itself can really help to empower a lot of what you do on the web and, for the most part, these services are provided to you for free.

The main search engine is obvious enough, making it easy for you to find the information you need. You might also be familiar with some of the available search modifiers, like putting quotes around a term to get an exact phrase match or inputting site:example.com to only return results from that specific domain. You can utilize similar modifiers in Gmail.

This is true whether you use an actual @gmail.com email address or you run your own domain’s email through Gmail. Because of the abundant amount of storage made available to you, you may feel inclined to “archive” the overwhelming majority of your messages rather than delete them outright. And in doing so, you can leverage the power of Google’s search technology to seek out messages with vital information that you may have archived months or even years ago.

Just like the main Google search engine, you can go about this in a rather organic way, searching for the terms or phrases you think might be relevant. Or you can search like a power user by utilizing one or more search operators from within Gmail. These are all accessible via the “search” bar at the top of your Gmail screen.


While many people don’t really use the “folder” system in Gmail anymore, it’s still there if you want to use it. And even if you don’t actively use it, some default folders are always going to be there too, like starred, chats, and trash. If you know that the message you’re looking for is in a particular folder, you can use this modifier. If you know that the information you need is in a Google Hangouts conversation, then preface your search with “in:chats” to limit the search to your chats. Using is:chat serves the same purpose.


Files get sent back and forth via email all the time, from images to PDF documents to multimedia files. Let’s say that you know a colleague sent you an important Word document recently, but you don’t remember what it is called or who it was that sent it. To find that, enter “filename:doc” or “filename:docx” to limit the search to messages that contain a .doc (or a .docx) attachment. If you know the exact filename, that’s even better. Search for “filename: john-chow-contract.doc” to find that specific attachment.


This is pretty obvious. By using the “from” search operator in Gmail, you’ll bring up all the messages that are from a particular sender. What’s great is that this works with not only the person’s email address, but also his or her name if it’s part of the “from” header in the message. For instance, maybe you’re looking for a message from Jane Smith but you don’t remember that her email address is internetguru@example.com. Simply put “From:Jane” in the search field.


While this might sound like a natural extension of the “from” modifier, it can be used in an even more powerful way. Yes, you can look for messages that were sent to a particular recipient, both by name or email address. Where this can get more interesting is if you use Gmail to manage multiple email addresses or if you’ve created modifiers to your main Gmail address.

You might already know, for example, that yourname@gmail.com is the same as your.name@gmail.com and yourname+blog@gmail.com. By signing up for different services using these kinds of modifiers, you can look for messages that were sent to those particular modified addresses, thus limiting your search to messages related to where you use that modified address.


Most people know that if you put quotes around any phrase, the search will only look for an exact match on that phrase. That’s why a search for vancouver bloggers is different from a search from “vancouver bloggers” for example. With the former, while the search ideally returns messages containing both terms, that might not necessarily be the case. To do that, you can group terms together using parentheses like this: (vancouver bloggers).


Maybe you want to find a message that contains two specific terms, but you don’t want to return messages where those two terms are really far apart from one another and thus may not be directly related. That’s when the “around” modifier can come in handy.

When you search for “internet around 4 mastermind” (without the quotes), the results will show messages where the words “internet” and “mastermind” appear within four words of one another.


If you’re like me, then you’ve been using Gmail for a very long time. This also means you have literally thousands and thousands of messages sitting in there and you don’t have the time to sift through them all to look for something specific. Even if you get the right search term, you might have to wade through a long history before you get to what you want. That’s where time modifiers can be useful.

If you utilize after:2016/01/31, you’ll only get messages from after January 31, 2016. If you include before:2017/01/02, you’ll only get messages from before January 2, 2017. You can then use a combination of these two to create a specific date range. The modifiers older: and newer: work in the same way.


This might sound similar to the before: and after: modifiers, but the difference here is that you don’t use an actual date. Instead, you use a period of time. So, if your search includes older_than:3m, the results will only include messages that are older than three months. Use “d” for days and “y” for years. On the flipside, newer_than: will do the reverse, finding messages that are newer than a certain period of time.


And finally, this modifier came in especially useful for me recently when I found that I was actually getting close to using all of my Google Drive space. Yes, I know! I could upgrade the cloud storage, but I’m already using Dropbox and OneDrive too. I found that Gmail was a fairly large culprit and one way to clear up space was to delete older messages with giant attachments I no longer needed.

When you include the modifier larger:5M, for instance, the search results will bring back messages that are larger than 5MB. If you don’t put the M, it will assume the number refers to the number of bytes. If, for whatever reason, you’re looking for tiny messages, smaller: also works.

Remember that you can use a combination of any of these to really refine your search results. Putting a hyphen (-) before your search term, just like in Google, will also remove messages containing that term from your results.

Do you have a favorite Gmail search operator or search trick that I missed?

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3 Ways to Decide Whose Opinion of You Matters

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“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ~Coco Chanel

“You know, Joui, I really like how you look tonight. I always thought your style before was… just a little wacky,” smiled Harry, a man I’d met during a forced networking meeting. He then smirked knowingly, like he was doing me a great favor.

Inside I screamed.

As a stylist one of the biggest fears my clients mention when we discuss any big change is feedback, judgment, and shame from their peers. And they are right to be fearful.

People will have commentary, trust me. But while everyone has an opinion, not everyone has a clue.

So we must be extremely careful who we let give us feedback.

I have made this mistake many times in the past. I let another person’s opinion cloud my own vision without first asking myself whether I even respect that opinion.

Like Harry, somehow just because they are a person with eyes I allow their remark to dig deep into my psyche and contort my energetic field. It feels like watching too many moving images at once.

Yes, I am sensitive. One unchecked opinion can cause me to feel ungrounded and unable to think clearly for myself.

But ultimately, this is my life. I’m the only one living behind my eyes, so I am the only one who can and should take ownership of my decisions.

So in cleansing my life recently I decided to create a set of requisites to better decide whose opinions I will let in.

I first came upon the idea in Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly. She says that the work that scares us makes us most alive. But the more public and vocal you get, the more vulnerable you can become to outside input.

And so she created criteria for her own feedback “force field,” so to speak. Brown says “If you are not in the arena and also getting your arse kicked, I am not interested in your feedback.”

Let’s get back to Harry, for example. He made this comment during the annual BNI (Business Networking International) holiday party.

I was dropping by the BNI holiday party about a year after I ended my membership, mainly for old times sake. It was during a period of my style where I was intentionally letting go of originality and flamboyance to explore different ways of expressing my identity.

The night of the party I was in full-blown “mainstream sexy,” a pair of fitted black leggings, a classic pair of black heels, a white sweater, simple earrings. It was part identity experiment and part research project to understand women who enjoy looking this way so I could better support a broader range of style choices.

Now it was Harry’s turn to tell me how the flat-ironed, mainstream version of me was so much better than the wacky side he’d seen a year before. And let me just say, from one angle he was right.

I looked great. But sometimes looking “great” isn’t the point.

In a world of endless options, it’s more important to look like me.

This is why getting your criteria straight for whose input you let in is vital. Otherwise, it is very easy to find yourself waking up one day and not recognizing yourself because you fell into other people’s ideas of who you are instead of your own.

If you are going to allow someone to be a competent mirror for you, here are a few factors I suggest considering.

1. Is this person someone whose life’s work you admire? Is this someone with a promising, positive vision of themselves in the world? Essentially, do you love what they are up to?

2. Do you love the way this individual sees you and who you aspire to be? Are they someone who supports you and inspires you to rise to every opportunity for personal growth?

3. If this person is commenting on style, image, or branding do they have good taste? Do they have taste you admire? Have they mastered aesthetics? According to Brené Brown, are they “in the arena”?

Most importantly, trust most those people that hold you in a warm, accepting light, and have your best interests at heart.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on Harry and his opinion of my look.

1. Was Harry the epitome of style? Answer: No.

2. Was Harry the type of person I respected in work, career, life? Answer: No.

3. Was Harry the kind of person I wanted more of in my world? Answer: Once again no.

So how did I interpret Harry’s comment? Well, it did influence me in so far as I had been looking for a moment to stop experimenting in this style. His response to “Mainstream Joui” reminded me I was off.

I needed more flair. I needed to bring back a little Wacky Joui, and fast. I guess this is an example of a reverse influence.

You must carefully and consciously select the people who you actively allow to influence you, and whose judgments you take to heart.

And remember, if you are a creative, empath, artist, or any type of deeply sensitive being, be on high alert. You may be extremely vulnerable to molding yourself to those around you and what they need.

Choosing who you hang around with has the power to make or break you. You are the company you keep.

You are the opinion of those closest to you.

Chose wisely.

About Joui Turandot

Joui Turandot is a personal branding expert, for creative entrepreneurs and leaders. Joui’s philosophy draws on more than a decade of experience as a fashion designer, filmmaker, photographer, costume designer, stylist, and life coach. Joui’s podcast, Leading with Style, has been heralded as a refreshing take on the intersection between style and leadership and her first book is to be published in 2018. Visit her at jtm-consulting.net.

Get in the conversation! Click here to leave a comment on the site.

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This is The One Meditation App You Absolutely Need To Install On Your Phone

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Life gets hectic. Nowadays with our insane schedules, stress has become a common emotion that we all feel at a continuous rate. We live in a busy and distracting world where we are constantly getting notified and updated with unnecessary information. People are constantly in a hurry and there never seems to be enough time.

The worst part is that setting aside a time for ourselves has become some kind of unattainable luxury. We neglect the importance of taking the time to be present and still. Although there is a ton of research supporting the benefits of meditation, truly dedicating ourselves to the practice is nearly impossible. It’s hard to break away from the distractions and settle our minds in the little that time we have.

The concept of meditation seems easy enough, but vague. You just need to be focused and calm and allow your mind to become clear. The actual practice, however, is not so simple despite its focus on simplicity. Our brains are wired to be constantly on the go, jumping from task to task. The art of being mindful and present requires a high level of self-discipline. Something that many people think they just don’t have the time to accomplish.

You don’t have time to be stressed

Although we think that we don’t have the time to be mindful and present, what we really don’t have the time for is the issues that come along with stress.

When you are experiencing stress, that is your body transitioning into “fight or flight mode”. This causes your heart rate to increase, your pupils to dilate, all of your senses are heightened, and blood is drained away from the digestive tract and pumped into your muscles and limbs. Everything around you is perceived as a threat.

When our nerves are constantly on the age, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, a weakened immune system, and will cause the body to age more quickly. If that last fact doesn’t snap you to attention, I don’t know what else will. Stress is literally stealing your youth.

Heightened stress responses will ultimately lead to depression which just opens up a whole other ugly can of worms. This may cause you to socially withdrawal, taking a toll on your relationships and ability to maintain them.

When it all gets to be too much, you may act rashly and make wrong decisions purely out of frustration. Lessening your load is important, but you don’t want to act impulsively just to get something off of your plate. That just creates another mess.

Now you can relax and let Calm the App work it’s magic

Introducing: Calm.

The convenient mediation app that you can always have at your disposal despite your hectic schedule. Like many meditative apps, it provides you with calming music and natural sound effects. But that’s not all! The unique feature that makes this a must-have item is the instructed meditation courses that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Many of us lack the ability to sit still and zone out. With the aid of an instructor, you’ll know where to guide your thoughts so you can maintain your focus.

No wonder Calm is the most popular mediation app used worldwide

There are a variety of courses and features to choose from to fit your needs and schedule.

Just pick your course, select the length of your session, and relax.

Regain Your Stillness by using “7 Days of Calm”

Learn the basics of mediation in just 7 days! Calm also offers a more intensive 21 day course. Do you have 3 weeks to become the master of your own mind?

Schools can be stressful, use “College Collection” that specific for College Students’s needs

This is meditation 101 for busy college students. If anyone understands stress, it’s undergrads. Impossible workloads, while maintaining a job and decent grade point average? Yikes!

Develop self-compassion and remind yourself that you are lovable

When you’re relaxed, you’re more open and welcoming to others. Not only that, but you are more open to yourself. Fall back in love with yourself through guided meditation.

There are dozens of courses to choose from. Choose the one that fits your mood and goal in mind. You’ll be calm in no time.

Available for Apple and Android!

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Believing in the Perfect Love Is the Greatest Relationship Killer

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The perfect couples know everything about each other completely. They can read each other’s minds. They always agree with each other. They want exactly the same things in life. They want to do the same thing, all the time. And they never fight. This is the perfect couple who is always happy.

But that’s just a fantasy.

Expecting this to be your relationship is unrealistic. Even if you have held this idea in your mind for years, maybe you’ve already suspected that something is wrong with this image. Life is full of changes and challenges. Somehow, many couples – young and old – fall into the trap that there’s a “perfect relationship” out there.

The Downside of a Relationship Is Always Hidden

Why does everyone believe this? People tend to set unrealistic expectations for what their partners should be like. These magical ideas start when they are little kids.

In fairy tales and animated Disney films, the prince saves the princess. They are soulmates, who know each other immediately and thoroughly. Their love stories are perfectly idealized. No fights and no challenges arise along the way. Romantic comedies are the same way. The couple always gets together at the peak of happiness, and then they live together happily ever after. Roll credits. You don’t get to see the aftermath: when the couple still loves each other, but they have to deal with disagreements and live through big challenges.

Parents also set perceptions of what makes a good partner. We have strongly ingrained cultural expectations of what a “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband,” or “wife” should be like. That’s hard to shake! For example, your mother may have told you that “boys will be boys” – husbands tend to be cold and distant and therefore you should expect and accept that in your relationships. While that might save you trouble at the beginning, down the road, this complacent attitude can only build resentment and unhappiness.

People also compare their relationships to those of others all the time. That’s easier than ever to do with Facebook and Instagram. Your friends probably talk a lot about the “perfect” things that their partners do for them. People want to share the good in their lives, not the bad. But relationships on social media are filtered. All you see are the special date nights, the engagements, and the vacation photos. Nobody posts photos of their fights and loneliness. It’s important to remember that everyone has different relationship experiences. Comparison on this front is simply meaningless.

People Make Unrealistic Expectations to Create the Perfect Love

As a result of all these learned expectations, people want to mold their partners into their ideal version. But based on unrealistic expectations, they will make demands that just don’t work. And then, when the partner can’t meet their expectations, they demand more and more, thinking that it’s supposed to be “love” that makes their dreams come true.

One common mistake that women and men make is that their partners can “read their minds” and meet their needs without saying anything. But this is not just uncommon, it’s impossible. Without realizing that this is an unrealistic expectation, they will constantly feel disappointed by their partners and conclude that they should keep seeking for the one that can best fit in a relationship.

It’s easy to think that “love” will solve all the problems. People attribute disappointment to “lack of love” or “we’re not really meant to be together.” These couples who think this way will then break up and move on to another relationship. And they’ll take the same behaviors with them.

They hope to find someone who can fit their mold. But what they don’t realize is that their expectations are just unrealistic. They will end up getting stuck in the same loop of relationships.

Make Your Relationship Down to Earth

A down-to-earth relationship doesn’t mean it’s not special. Everyone’s love story is unique because of both the upside and downside the couple experiences together. A realistic relationship can be healthy even though it’s not perfect. Try the following steps to make your love life happier.

1. List out all of your expectations.

Write down each of your expectations, starting each sentence with “I expect him/her to…” You don’t need to justify any of your expectations. The point here is to be honest with yourself.

Examples: “I expect him to know that I’m sad even when I don’t tell him how I feel.” Or “I expect her to adjust to my schedule changes without ever getting upset.” Anything that’s honest and true should go on this list.

2. Review your list.

Now is the time to bring judgment back into the equation. Read through your list and cross out anything that you haven’t fulfilled yourself. For example, ask yourself: Is it actually realistic to ask your partner to hang out with you for hours every day, when he/she has a demanding job? Do you always hang out with him/her when you’re busy with work or school?

3. Switch the position with your partner and look at the list again.

Go through the list another time. Now, instead of asking if you can fulfill the expectations, think more carefully about whether he/she can. Just because you can live up to some expectations doesn’t mean your partner can, too. Maybe you’re an obsessive cleaner, but your partner only cleans once a week or so. Is it realistic to ask him/her to clean every day, or as often as you do?

This will pare down your list even more, leaving only the truly reasonable expectations behind.

4. Spell out your expectations to your partner.

The best you can do is to explicitly state your expectations to your partner. Talk about challenges in meeting each other’s expectations. Then compromise and refine those expectations so that both of you can be happy.

Remember that fantasy of the perfect couple? It was never real and never will be. A realistic relationship is full of challenges and it takes compromises. Stop chasing for the perfect relationship. Unrealistic expectations on your partner sabotage not only your partner, but yourself and your relationship.

Featured photo credit: Photo by Eric Alves on Unsplash via unsplash.com

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The Newbie Guide: How to Deal with Stress at College

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In 2013, the American Psychology Association published the concerning results of a survey. Seventy percent of directors believed that the number of students with psychological problems on campus had increased in the past year. Anxiety was a major concern among college students. Should we be surprised? College students are put under so much stress that it’s […]

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10 Body Language Tips that Make Your Communication Skills 10x Better

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You're reading 10 Body Language Tips that Make Your Communication Skills 10x Better, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

Have you ever noticed the connection between the body language and communication skills? Why do emotional people who are animated attract more people and have fewer communication problems than those who are reserved and unemotional? The following article is going to reveal the secrets of the body language and tell you 10 body language tips that will make your communication skills 10x better.

  1. Do Not Cross Your Arms or Legs

To show that you are open to people, you need to open literally and not close with the help of arms and legs. You are thus looking defensive and guarded – who needs that for the effective communication? In fact, the statistics show that you should open both your arms and legs to improve your retention. By crossing your arms and legs subconsciously, you are closing yourself from both the people and upcoming information – try to control this gesture, and you will soon see the positive results. People would be attracted to you, and you would memorize the information better and faster.
  1. Keep an Eye Contact

To show you are interested in the conversation, you have to look at your dialogue partner’s eyes. If you are looking sideways, it is obvious that you are not interested and thinking about other things. To demonstrate your involvement in the dialogue, try nodding as well. It is pretty weird and quite difficult to talk to a person whose facial expression is still: you thus do not comprehend whether s/he agrees with you or not. To avoid uncomfortable situations, consider keeping an eye contact (but do not stare!) and nodding – this will create an impression that you are fully involved in the conversation and really enjoy it.
  1. Smile with Your Whole Face

People will feel your smile is fake if you are smiling with only your mouth. The sincere smile involves not only the one showing the teeth, but it is also about the whole facial expression you make when you beam: eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks. Try to control this part of your body language and make no fake smiles. As mentioned earlier, people gather around the beaming person because they feel as if they are wanted to talk to. And they will never barter this feeling away for the person with the peevish facial expression.
  1. Do Not Point at People

Every person knows that it is extremely rude to dab with finger at your dialogue partner, however, it does not stop people of still doing it. If you have this habit, you have to control yourself as much as possible because you will push off any adequate dialogue partner. Just put yourself in his/her place and imagine s/he will point at you – how would you feel?
  1. Do Not Droop Your Shoulders and Arms

When you droop your shoulders and arms, you are thus making yourself smaller and more unremarkable. People would not notice you unless you set back your shoulders and stick out your chest. Do not pretend you are a superhero, of course, but having a normal pose would do only good for you. Relax and loosen up by shaking your shoulders and the confident posture will appear itself.
  1. Do Not Distance from Your Dialogue Partner

Of course, no one says you have to come up really close to your dialogue partner – it will make him/her feel uncomfortable. But keeping a big distance is another extreme that will make your partner feel uneasy as well. The big distance would confuse him/her because s/he would have to speak louder to make sure you can hear him/her. Second of all, the conversation is an intimate process of sharing information that is why the partners do not need to have a huge distance between them.
  1. Do Not Turn Your Feet Away

As oddly as it may sound, legs are the most honest part of the body. While you may control your whole body, you are, unfortunately, unable to control where your feet are turned. Standing with your legs apart will add you confidence, and you will thus show you feel comfortable. Of course, it is difficult to control all the time where the feet are turned but knowing about this part of body language will let you notice when you seem defensive.
  1. Smile and Laugh

The best way to pull people in by your body language is to smile and laugh sincerely. For one reason or another, people are attracted to those who beam. The contagious laughter is the best way to find yourself in the center of everyone’s attention and become everyone’s favorite. As for smiling, it is a powerful weapon: if a stranger approaches you, and you smile when s/he speaks to you, conceive that you will be friends. There is nothing more pleasant than to speak to a smiling person because when you beam, you warm your dialogue partner up.
  1. Do Not Keep Your Head Down

Do not keep your head too high because people will think you are arrogant, but do not keep it too down. This will signify you are shy and reserved and will thus frighten the potential dialogue partner. Keeping your head down creates an impression you are feeling guilty and discourages having a conversation with you because you have no idea how to get the eye contact with you. What you need is keep your head straight in front of your dialogue partner’s eyes: not too high, not too down.
  1. Do Not Hold Anything in Front of Your Heart

If you are at a party, try not to hold your drink in front of your chest because you are thus closing yourself from your dialogue partner. In fact, do not hold anything in front of your heart ever: this gesture makes you seem guarded and distant. If you have something in your hands, just keep it near the leg, but do not create a barrier between you and your partner with the help of the drink. This article has covered all the points for improving your skills in spoken language. But don’t forget about your written communication skills, matter too! To learn more about this, check out the brilliant initiative on EduBirdie. This site is built for students, who require help with their endless assignments.

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Find Your Inner Beyonce and Get Everything You Hoped and Dreamed of

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What do you think of when you hear Beyonce’s name? Is it her beauty, her interesting children’s names, her fortune, her talent, her serious work ethic, her confidence, her husband Jay-Z or Destiny’s Child?

I know there are a lot of negative things that newspapers and magazines all over the world write about her and there are even more opinions people have about her and her life, but I always trained myself to see the good in people, so I will stick with it.

When I hear Beyonce’s name, I get excited and alert. I start asking myself questions about the work I am doing, the progress I make, how I can create results for myself and more importantly, am I enjoying what I am doing?

Beyonce loves her work. She is so passionate about it and if you watched any of her interviews, you will know that this is all she ever wanted to be doing. She wanted to be an artist, to entertain, to make people feel good and to make a change for the better using her talents.

Even if for whatever reason you may not like Beyonce, I am sure we can all agree that she is a strong woman who created everything she wanted. She worked tirelessly to build her career in both singing and acting, she married the man she wanted, has children with him, she created financial wealth for herself, she is one of the most famous people on the planet, she gets involved in charitable projects and even performed at the World Humanitarian Day in 2012 – a United Nations event!  

“Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.” – Beyonce

I am convinced we all have our own inner Beyonce. That part of us that drives us to achieve our goals, that strives for the best and kicks in when we’ve had enough of not playing full out, of not following our heart and of being fed up with living our lives the way other people would approve of it.

What stands between ourselves and our dreams and goals is the belief in ourselves that we can achieve them and the belief that we deserve to achieve them.

One of my biggest achievements was to move to London and create my dream life here. I was only 21, but I did everything to make that move happen and with each day I am living more of the life I imagined for myself.

There was nothing that could stop me from taking that step, no matter how scary and hard other people tried to convince me it will be. No matter how much my parents worried and no matter how much my friends thought I was giving up a pretty good life in my home country to move somewhere new and start from scratch.

I’ll be celebrating my 9th year in London in September. Go figure! This all happened because I believed I deserved more, and I believed I can make it happen no matter what. If I could make this dream come true, so can you! It’s time to take a page out of Beyonce’s book and start working towards your goals and dreams.

“The reality is: sometimes you lose. And you’re never too good to lose. You’re never too big to lose. You’re never too smart to lose. It happens.” – Beyonce

Whenever I get asked about the first steps to take when one gets serious about living the life they dream of, I advise people to start asking themselves questions. The first step is to figure out what is important to you, what values do you have that you will do anything to protect, what do you want to do with your time, what do you want to achieve the most, and what example do you want to give to those you interact with?

When you get clear and you have your answers, everything will start falling in place. You will feel more connected to your intuition, you will meet people who can help you and you will discover the next steps. All you need to do is take the first one.

How are you bringing out your inner Beyonce? Let us know by commenting below!

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Get $5 when you sign up for Swagbucks Today!

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