7 Steps to Conquering the Fears That Are Holding You Back From Success

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I remember the day in vivid detail. I was on a weekend trip visiting my girlfriend at the time in Arizona. She had decided that we should join her friends to go “cliff jumping.”  We were early on in our dating and she obviously had no idea that I was not fond of heights. So “cliffs” and jumping off of them… No thanks!

I inevitably found myself on the edge of a 40-foot cliff peering down at a vast blue canvas of water. Then I realized if I didn’t jump, I’d have to start the walk of shame back down the cliff. This was a lose-lose situation for me.

Fear had me. I didn’t want to jump, but I also didn’t want to look bad in front of my girlfriend’s friends. So I jumped and in that moment, I had defied my brain and my neurochemistry.

Our brains are wired to protect us, not to push us towards our goals. Our brains are wired to look for anything that could be potentially dangerous or threatening and keep us as far away from it as possible by using fear. The problem is not all situations warrant fear.

There is a saying in neuroscience that says, “the brain wires the way it fires”, meaning the more you do a certain activity, the more the brain lays down wiring to make that action or activity easier.

‘Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.’ – Karl Augustus Menninger

When we let fear keep us stagnant and we continue to do the same things that are comfortable, our brain gets “hardwired” to stay comfortable. We become “stagnant.” This can become debilitating for some of us and prevent us from encountering the very experiences we need to grow and succeed.

When we, in spite of our fear, do the challenging things that are outside our comfort zone, we begin to hardwire into our brain change, adaptability, creativity, growth, perspective, and happiness because we stretch the boundaries of our brain’s capabilities and force it to adapt rather than “playing it safe.”

An elite athlete didn’t make it where they are today by going into their training and never pushing past their comfort zone. They constantly pushed their limits of comfort to force their bodies and minds to grow to that of a top performer. The same principle applies to our brains. If we let fear dictate our actions in any area of our lives, it will stunt your growth in that area.

So what’s the first step? How do we go about conquering our fears whether it’s public speaking, starting a business, or launching the product or service? See below:

1. Journal Your Fears

Write down all the fears you have, big or small. Contrary to opinion “size does not matter.” Your brain still operates the same with all types of fear. The key is to first acknowledge what you are fearful about and bring it to light. Be as specific as possible.

2. Prioritize Your Fears

I then rank my fears from highest to lowest in terms of how often I think about this fear and/or how much it disrupts my life. You may find some fears combine into a broader category and that’s ok — we’ll get to that. So for now identify your biggest fear.

3. Support Your Belief in Yourself

I don’t mean just “believe in yourself.” What I mean is to build in support systems that will support your belief in yourself, so that when you start taking action, your support systems will solidify those new experiences and form deeper, more meaningful, and lasting beliefs in yourself.

It may look like building a list of affirmations that you say every morning or a meditation. Whatever it is, it needs to be uplifting and empowering you towards conquering your goals.

4. Take Action & Start Small

Look at your list and identify what your biggest fear is. That’s the beast we’re going to tackle long term, but for some that may seem like a big stretch at first. So instead, see what your 5th biggest fear is, and that’s where you’ll start.

What we will then do is build our way up and take a ride on the “Momentum Train.” Starting small with taking actions toward your lower priority fears and then building up helps your brain build momentum, which provides your brain with plenty of courage and motivation to tackle the #1 fear on your list.

‘Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.’ – Helen Keller

5. No Time Limit, Just Consistency

Most goals should be limited to a time domain. For the goal of tackling a fear, time can be a challenging factor to set. Some of these fears may have been unknowingly building up for decades without your knowledge. So I don’t recommend setting a time on when you are “going to conquer your fear.”

Instead set appointments to regularly meet and address your fear. If you’re fear is public speaking, then go to a local Toastmasters once a week. The more consistent you can be, the better.

6. Reframe and Reinforce

As you begin to address these fears, make sure you are reinforcing the experiences you have in a positive perspective. For instance, if you want to be less fearful of public speaking and decide to try out a local toastmasters group, your first time speaking to the group might feel like a train wreck, but when you look back on the situation you can acknowledge that that actually pushed past your fear and accomplished your goal.

7. Rinse and Repeat

This isn’t a quick fix. It may take some time. There’s always a new fear or challenge awaiting us. The key is to have systems like this in place to address those challenges properly rather than allowing ourselves to succumb to fear and derail our lives from their fullest potential.

How do you handle your fears? Comment below!

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21 Chris Sacca Quotes on Life & Business

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Chris Sacca is an investor in major online platforms such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Kickstarter. He owns & operates Lowercase Capital; a venture capital fund. He also a guest shark on the hit TV show Shark Tank appearing alongside other famous entrepreneurs such as Daymond John, Richard Branson, and Mark Cuban. 

Here are 21 of Chris Sacca’s best quotes:

1. “A great idea can’t succeed without a great operator. But rarely can a great operator squeak by with a bad idea. So, as pithy as it sounds to say ‘It’s all about the people,’ I only invest when I think I have found the right team for the right business.” – Chris Sacca

2. “Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.” – Chris Sacca

3. “Complexity is hard to build, easy to use, and hard to charge for. Complexity is easy to build, hard to use, and easy to charge for.” – Chris Sacca

4. “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – Chris Sacca

5. “We buy things we don’t really want with money we don’t really have to impress people we don’t really care about. Forget that.” – Chris Sacca

6. “If you learn to live pretty simply and well, well under your means, you feel incredibly, incredibly rich and that frees you up and gives you the option to start something new, to leave the job you’re not excited about, where there might be a glass ceiling on you.” – Chris Sacca

7. “I want to be investing in the future and not the present.” – Chris Sacca

8. “Don’t talk stats and charts. Attach what you’re doing to a narrative about a problem you’re solving.” – Chris Sacca

9. “You have to offer value without expecting anything in return.” – Chris Sacca

10. “The very best products and the very best entrepreneurs are the ones worth arguing with.” – Chris Sacca

Check out more billionaire quotes from Mark Cuban!

11 “Good stories beat good spreadsheets.” – Chris Sacca

12. “I want to make clear that my feedback comes from a place of loyalty and persistent gratitude.” – Chris Sacca

13. “Never. Stop. Selling.” – Chris Sacca

14. “What happens next is up to you.” – Chris Sacca

15. “You have to ask yourself, you have to be honest. Do you really have what it takes? Are you incredibly unreasonable? Do you have an irrational sense of the inevitability of the success of what you’re building, or are you just here because it’s fashionable?” – Chris Sacca

16. “Being a cheap bastard now means so much more freedom and choices later.” – Chris Sacca

17. “Be your unapologetically weird self.” – Chris Sacca

18. “What’s success anyway? Is success about making the most money? No, money for the most part turns people into jerks.” – Chris Sacca

19. “The biggest journey in all of our lives is the journey from external to internal validation.” – Chris Sacca

20. “I spent a lot of time learning how to define myself internally rather than externally. I learned how to care less about external validation. I think that’s given me a renewed confidence in speaking out loud. I kind of don’t care what people think about me. I feel a lot more confident in saying what I believe.” – Chris Sacca

21. “Every few years I like picking a uniform so I won’t have to think too much about what to wear.” – Chris Sacca

Which quote resonated with you the most? Comment below!

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How to Find Inner Peace: 5 Beliefs You Must Drop Now

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Each one of us is fighting a battle no one is aware of. This is why finding inner peace is extremely important.

But, is it as simple as it sounds?


Not because it’s hell difficult but because of the beliefs, stories, perceptions, and philosophies we have adopted over the course of our lives. Dalai Lama could not have said it better, “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

People think of peace as some kind of epiphany or an enlightenment from the skies.

In reality, inner peace has nothing to do with it. It’s more about accepting the things in life you have no control over and dropping beliefs you are holding onto for the longest time.

When you start to let go of those beliefs, you will find it within you to liberate yourself. This being said, here are five beliefs you should drop if you want to learn how to find inner peace.

I am perfect

No one was and will ever be. So, what’s the point of troubling yourself by comparing your life to others?

Drop the belief or even the expectation that you are perfect or sufficient. The moment you accept this reality, you’ll liberate yourself from one of the heaviest feelings in the world.

There’s no such thing as a perfect body, perfect career, perfect house, or even the perfect time. Perfect doesn’t exist.

Make peace with your life, struggles, and circumstances as they are. They are just the way they are supposed to be.

I have not achieved anything significant as of now

self progress

You don’t have to build a Taj Mahal or get a prefix in front of your name to feel important or special.

If you haven’t achieved something extraordinary, you don’t have to beat yourself to death for it. Destiny has a reason for everything.

All that matters is that you give your heart and soul to whatever it is that you do – from making planes to earthen lamps.

We all have our journey. Some reach their destinations early while it takes time for others. Don’t confuse movement with progress, my friend!

What if they don’t like me if I show my true self to them

Most of us aren’t content because we carry the baggage of being someone else. We are scared that if we act the way we are, people might not like that.

Just imagine:

How can you be happy being appreciated for being someone you are not? Does that validation even matter?

The reality is you are much more than the pretense you do, the jokes you crack, and the smiles people show when they look at you.

What matters is that you’re appreciated for what you are and what you do- even if it means not many people liking you.

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How can I love myself when no one else does

love yourself

The world we live in paints a wrong picture when it comes to the idea of lovers and friends. Humans are social beings. We tend to surround ourselves with the company of others to feel better.

Those who aren’t social by nature get the whole idea wrong and end up thinking that something is not right with them.

We need to promote self-love, the concept of loving yourself unabashedly.

Go out on a date with yourself, travel solo, buy yourself gifts, and date yourself until you find someone worth it.

See Also: 5 Steps to Loving Yourself and Living Happily Ever After

I have to make them proud to feel good about myself

Success is the word which is making people feel inadequate about themselves.

What if I say that you don’t have to be successful, you just have to be you. Period.

People who love you when you don’t own the biggest bungalow or the fanciest car are the ones that really matter.

They love you for what you are- successful or not. They aren’t waiting for you to climb the Everest to say that they are proud of you.

The day we learn to get out of the shackles of these self-created opinions and beliefs will be the day we would find inner peace. The day we stop berating our existence and accept that we deserve nothing but the best will be the day we would enjoy inner peace.

Ask yourself this:

Why do we only rest in peace when we can live in peace?

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Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

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Introduction Jerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, and writer. Seinfeld is best known for playing himself in the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’, which was written by Larry David and himself. He’s had an incredibly successful career as a stand up comedian; and in 2018, Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is estimated to be $920 million. […] More

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10 Ways to Let Go of the Hustle and Surrender to the Flow

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“You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life happen.” ~Kody Keplinger

I have always been an overachiever: straight As, the top of my class; whatever I endeavored, I aimed to be the best at it. I strived through high school, college, graduate school, and in the corporate world.

My hard work came with awards, accolades, and the feeling of accomplishment. But it also came with burnout, exhaustion, and the feeling of never being good enough.

Once I achieved a goal, I was happy for a minute. But my next thought would inevitably be, “There must be more to life than this.”

Even though it didn’t feel good, I repeated this pattern of strive + achieve + repeat at every level in my life, until I had an epiphany.

It happened a few years ago when I traveled to Bali for a yoga retreat. While exploring the small third-world island, I noticed the locals with modest homes tending their fields, or running their local shop. One thing stood out: They all seemed incredibly happy—or at the very least, content—with their lives.

This struck me for a couple reasons. For one, they didn’t live lavish lifestyles or have big houses or fancy cars. They weren’t climbing any corporate ladder or angling for a big promotion.

But this didn’t matter. They appeared to be present, at peace, and enjoying the simple things that life offered.

What a stark contrast this sentiment and lifestyle was with the one I just traveled from. Despite their lack of first world luxuries, these people seemed to have something we Americans (and I) didn’t: happiness, peace, and a sense of “enough.”

I started to question my own desire for striving, for perfection. I wondered if all my efforts were actually keeping me away from the peace and acceptance I desired most. It seemed like a vicious cycle.

After I left Bali, I kept this idea of “maybe it’s okay not to strive” in my head. And instead of embracing my perfectionist tendencies, I started to consider another way.

Throughout the years since my trip, I haven’t totally abandoned my high-achieving ways (though I’m still working on it). But I’m now able to see that there is a time to strive and a time to let go. A time to make things happen and a time to allow things to happen.

And, perhaps even more importantly, I learned that you can’t necessarily strive your way to happiness. In fact, it’s often the path of surrendering, accepting, and being at peace with where you are that truly helps you tap into that sense of contentment and ease.

So if you find yourself over-efforting, working hard, toiling without any respite, it may be time to explore the opposite path: surrender. When you surrender, you invite life to flow as it will and you roll with the current instead of fighting to swim upstream.

When you surrender to the flow, you open yourself to possibilities instead of forcing opportunities that might not be right. You embrace and honor where you are, without worrying about where you need to be.

When you notice yourself striving but feel like what you really desire is peace, these ten steps help you to let go of the hustle and embrace the flow.

1. Trust yourself.

Cultivating trust in yourself is by far one of the most grounding and stabilizing forces you can experience. Trusting yourself means that you know what’s best for you. In order to trust yourself, you must stop looking outside of yourself for guidance and start looking inside. Even as you seek advice or answers, always run it by your inner barometer to see if it truly resonates with you.

2. Know that you already have the answer.

Your answer might be blocked by fear and resistance. But when you find a way to put aside those fears, you can tap into what your intuition is telling you. Know that the answer already resides within you, even if it’s not clear at this moment.

One way to get better acquainted with your intuition is to ask yourself what your gut is telling you. Over time, the more self-aware you become, the easier it will be to hear the voice of your intuition.

3. Recognize that what you want to achieve is already within you.

In order to have conceived a dream, you must already have created somewhere in your mind. When we desire something, we imagine it in great detail, and feel what it would be like to experience it. The simple fact that you’ve seen or imagined that vision for yourself means that the outcome is possible for you. Believing that you can—and will—bring this vision to life is the key to receiving it.

4. Embrace the resistance.

Resistance comes to us in the form of fear, self-doubt, procrastination, and other roadblocks. It shows up in our lives when we are at the precipice of doing something important and meaningful to us.

When you recognize resistance as a sign that you’re about to do something big, you can learn to embrace it as the powerful messenger it is. Instead of letting it debilitate you, you can see resistance as a sign that illuminates where you must go.

5. Trust the process.  

The path to your desired destination may be a winding road and not a straight line. It might even have some cutbacks and hills involved. But you won’t get to where you want to go unless you’ve first learned the lessons from the present.

Play the hand you’ve been dealt and trust that this is all part of your journey. There is something in your experience right now that is critical in helping you to become the person you need to be to move to the next level.

6. Let it go.

When we have a dream or a wish for ourselves, we can become very attached to it, and guard it preciously. You conceived your vision and believe in it. Now you can release it and be free from it.

This doesn’t mean you don’t take any action, but it means you’re not holding so tightly to your vision that you worry about taking only the perfect action. Set your vision free into the universe and trust it will happen in its own time.

7. Seek joy.

Remember to play and enjoy the process. “Life is what happens when we’re making other plans,” John Lennon said. When you feel yourself waiting, overthinking, indulging feelings of doubt, take this as an opportunity to seek out what makes you feel good. Ask yourself what would make you happiest in any moment, and go do that. Seek activities that you fill you up. Wash, rinse, repeat.

8. Take inspired action.

Inspired action means action from a place of feeling pulled toward something, inspired by something, and from a place of “want.” This is directly opposed to taking action from a place of pushing, striving, or a place of “should.” Follow the pull, not the push. Don’t worry about what you or others think you “should” be doing. Explore what you feel called to, and let yourself be guided by your inspiration.

9. Tap into your intuition along the way.

If (when), along the way, you feel disheartened or discouraged, impatient or impotent, anxious or depressed, simply press the “PAUSE” button and take a big, long, deep cleansing breath. This is the perfect time to turn back inward and listen to your intuition: your built-in, always-available inner guide. What is your intuition telling you? What do you need to know right now?

10. Let the universe support you.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of making things happen, but a matter of letting things happen. Instead of mucking around in the road, get out of your own way. Sit down on the path and open up to receiving what is meant for you.

When you stop striving and start surrendering, you will see the infinite possibilities and opportunities that exist in every moment. You’ll tune in to the frequency of the universe, and she’ll show you the way.

Throughout our lives, there will be periods to achieve and periods to receive. Once you tap into your own self-awareness, you can recognize what pattern you’re currently in, and whether or not it’s serving you. If you’ve been striving for too long, it might be time to surrender to the flow.

Remember that surrendering is not quitting. It’s honoring yourself where you are at this moment in time, and allowing what you want to catch up with you. It’s taking time out for yourself and reflecting on what’s important. So that once the time to strive comes back around (which it will!), you will be supported with the energy, the purpose, and the guidance you need to move forward.

About Stacey Hagen

Stacey Hagen is a coach and consultant who helps entrepreneurial women discover and develop lives and businesses they love. She is an avid traveler, adventurer, and life-long learner whose mission is to inspire and empower other women to live their lives full out. You can visit her at createcoachingconsulting.com and contact her at stacey@createcoachingconsulting.com.

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3 Purchases Of $100 Or Less That Have Changed My Life.

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A popular question made famous by a certain 4-Hour Work Week author has been doing the rounds a lot lately. It’s an incredibly powerful question and I want to share with you my answer.

By the way, my answer is not some cheap product placement or a dodgy infomercial in case you were wondering.

3 purchases of $100 or Less that changed my life are:


Purchase #1 A meditation app.

The app called Calm to be more specific. It won Apple’s App Of The Year and it’s helped me chill the F out after tackling every fear I have. We all need to get out of our head more.


Purchase #2 A wireless computer keyboard.

Buy a wireless keyboard and use it with your laptop, tablet or phone wherever you are. Every day, aim to write one thing that inspires someone else. Post your written words on a blog (ideally someone else’s who has a large audience).

While you’re at work during the day, observe your surroundings as they are. Single out the positive things you see and share them online for all of us to see. When you type those words on your little wireless keyboard, pour every ounce of emotion you have into them.

Wake up one night, write something inspiring, and feel the tears drip from your eyes as you make yourself emotional because you know you’ve given it everything you’ve got. Know that every word you write for someone else is how you can give back to the world.

You can’t sit at home on your computer all day long and play games, watch porn and scroll your social media like a hamster going around and around on its wheel. Your keyboard is how you take the problems of our society and do something about them.

Know that the words you type will be most valuable when they are positive and instructive. There’s enough negativity in the world and your little wireless keyboard gives you the chance to do something about that injustice.

Wake up early in the morning (5 am) and make it a habit of writing something. “How To’s” work best. As you continue this habit, be vulnerable. Tell stories with your little wireless keyboard and share your biggest fears. Make your words human because that’s what you are after all.

Tell everybody how you had your heart broken, suffered mental health issues, lost someone you love, battled a health issue – these situations and what you’ve learned will help others the most.

Everything you’ve experienced to this day has brought you to these words you type to inspire others. Write about what makes you happy and fuse your passion together with your words.

Know that you’ll get emails after you type these words for at least a year, from people who have benefited from your writing. Reply to these emails and help where you can. Know that one day you’ll get an email from a reader that will cause you to break down and get emotional.

This email you eventually get will be the trigger for you to stop and evaluate what you’re typing these words for. When that moment comes, you’ll pick up your wireless keyboard again and continue writing because you’ll know you’re helping people. These words are actually making you fulfilled.

Along the way, as your readers increase, you’ll come across the evil species we call trolls and some critics too. The words that these people type on their wireless keyboards will hurt you at first and take you by surprise. You’ll eventually realize that everyone faces these same demons.

It’s not you; it’s them. Don’t let these haters stop you from writing words on your little wireless keyboard and keep pouring your heart out.

Your big viral moment thanks to your wireless keyboard will come at some stage. Don’t let this moment sidetrack you from the reason why you bought this wireless keyboard and started typing. Your newfound celebrity status will encourage your big fat ego, and that will take away all of the good your words have done.

Now that your life has been changed forever by your little wireless keyboard, keep going. You can change the world with your keyboard if you keep going and never give up your habit. Typing these words daily is the best kind of therapy there is for the troubles and challenges this life will throw at you.

One day, you’ll know what it’s like to be a leader, creator and inspiration for others thanks to your little wireless keyboard. Until then, keep typing those words. Your words matter and they can inspire others, and change the world at the same time.


Purchase #3 A pair of kid’s soccer boots for $79.95

This purchase works best when given to a kid that comes from a broken home and it will show them that strangers care. When the mother comes over and thanks you with tears in her eyes, you’ll understand the power of kindness. This will change your life.

If you want to increase your productivity and learn some more valuable life hacks, then join my private mailing list on timdenning.net

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10 Things to Avoid Before Going to Bed

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You're reading 10 Things to Avoid Before Going to Bed, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

After working for the whole day, running from one place to another, handling boss and irritating colleagues, the only thing which can make your day is a good sleep. But good sleep doesn’t mean lying in bed for 9 hours and still feeling exhausted after waking up. A good sleep means that even after taking 6 hours of sleep, you should feel recharged again to work for the whole day. Although there are many things which you can do to get a good, relaxing and deep sleep there are also many habits which you should never follow before going to bed and in this blog post, we will be looking at those 10 things which you should always avoid before going to bed. 1. Alcohol A small glass of wine before going to bed sounds like a fascinating idea and it surely will help you to fall asleep but if you are concerned about the quality of sleep and then you should never consume any type of alcohol before going to bed. 2. Mobile Phone Many studies have shown that using a mobile phone, tablet, e-reader or even watching television before going to bed can disrupt your sleeping. So, if you want to experience a deep sleep, then you should always avoid any light-emitting device before going to bed. 3. Caffeine Caffeine stays in our body for almost 10-12 hours and even a small cup of coffee contains at least 80 to 120 milligrams of caffeine. And you must be aware of the working of caffeine in our body and how the employees of late night shift consume it for staying awake. So avoid consuming any type of caffeine before going to bed. 4. Chocolate If you are a sweet tooth then consuming chocolate after dinner as a dessert might sound like a very good idea but you should know that even chocolate contains a significant amount of caffeine and especially dark chocolate. So replace your idea of consuming dark chocolate with any other dessert which will not keep your eyes wide open even at midnight. 5. Big Meal Devouring a big meal before going to bed can also disrupt your sleep. The reason behind this is after taking a big meal, your metabolism has to kick in and that can affect your sleep. It can also lead to gastroesophageal reflux diseases, weight gain, and other serious bad effects on your body. 6. Lots of water Drinking water is very much necessary throughout the day but if you have completed the quota of your water consumption in a day, then there is no need to drink a jug full of water before going to sleep - it will result in unnecessary trips to the bathroom which obviously disrupt your sleep. 7. Wrong food Including foods like a cheesecake in your everyday dessert sounds very delicious but you should know that, food products which are high in saturated fat and sugar are a major cause of disrupted sleep. 8. Smoke Although smoking is injurious to your health, regardless of the time you consume it smoking just before going to bed can cause disruption in your sleeping habit as well. Many people think that smoking will help them relax but the nicotine content in products like cigarettes can make your insomnia worse. 9. Exercise Just like drinking water, exercise is also very much necessary for keeping you in shape and good health but doing it just before bed allows your-feel good hormones to get active and thus it can also affect your sleep. 10. Bath A nice warm bath can help your body to relax and then after sometime, you can get lost in your dreams of the deep sleep but if you are planning to go instantly to bed after taking bath then instead of feeling relaxed, it can keep you awake for late night as well. A good sleep is as necessary as food, air and water are for the body and brain. So, if you want to sleep properly throughout the night, without feeling exhausted for the whole day, then you should always avoid the above-mentioned things before going to bed. ----------- Saurabh Gupta is a technical content writer at Cloudwalks His area of expertise includes software, cloud computing, cybersecurity and life lessons.

You've read 10 Things to Avoid Before Going to Bed, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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2018 Affiliate Summit Show Floor #ASW18

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The Affiliate Summit West at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas is the world’s largest affiliate marketing trade show. The trade show floor is where all the action happens. If you’re looking for a product to promote, no matter what the niche, you’ll find it on the show floor. Armed with my trusty Sony A7R II, I hit the floor to bring you all the action of #ASW18.

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Checking Out The #ASW18 Meet Market Paris Las Vegas

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The Affiliate Summit Meet Market is the place to connect with merchants and affiliate marketers. If you’re looking for products to promote and make money from, this is the place to do it. BONUS for #ASW18 2018 – No more more John Chow rule! Watch the video to see what that means.

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The Secret Behind Instagram’s Success

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One question all Instagram engineers hear wherever they go is this:

“What’s your stack?”

Their answer is always the same and it is incredibly simple: Their database is not!

Their database is a milieu of many technologies, their own take on popular relational database management systems that now powers the largest image-based social network in the world. It’s powerful enough to manage over 14 million users and over 40 billion photos (shared till date).

According to the engineers of Instagram, their core principles while choosing their database were pretty straightforward. The list includes:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Using available resources
  • Choosing verified and popular solutions

These criteria made the database creation and management process a lot easier than most people thought. If you don’t believe us, check out their choice of OS and application servers in the next section of our article.

It is time to take it from the top.

Instagram’s choice of OS has kept them alive for long

Instagram used to run on the forever almighty Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (the Natty Narwhal) on Amazon EC2 back in ‘11. Unbelievably enough, the entire workforce of Instagram engineering initially consisted of just three engineers.

The Natty Narwhal has been reliant and powerful enough to run smoothly on EC2. As of 2015, Instagram has 20 team members who take care of Search, Trending, Explore and Data Infrastructure.

With just three engineers and continually evolving needs from the UI end, self-hosting had never been an option for Instagram until Facebook stepped in. Most parts of it are hosted on off-premise, private clouds to keep all private information safe and secure. Most of Instagram’s hosting needs are taken care of by Facebook ever since the big buy in 2012.

When the thoughts about building the Data-gram team began in 2013, there were barely 35 engineers working on mobile applications, database management, and the backend processes.

That is when a handful of engineers at Facebook bridged the gap between the data management processes of Instagram and Facebook. They designed a new data infrastructure that would provide end-to-end impact for a small team and that would fit the engineering structure of Instagram.

Instagram’s database choices have never failed the users

instagram users

Back when Instagram was functioning alone in the big bad world, the engineering and data teams chose a mix of NoSQL and SQL servers to support the massive growth. Instagram has about 250 million active users today and yet the database is plastic enough to accommodate the steady inflow of massive bulks of data.

In 2011, Instagram undoubtedly used Amazon services and many opensource software solutions to address their data concerns. From data collection to data security, the team used to rely on third-party solutions than creating their own RDBMS. They heavily relied on external services they did not have to build and manage the collected data from different time zones.

We didn’t find remote DBA in the life story of Instagram as of yet, but many other social networking sites and applications have used remote DBAs in their early days to collect, collate, and curate data from millions of users across the globe.

Application servers: Simplicity has always been the beauty

instagram story

According to a recent post from the Instagram engineering team, their application servers run Django with PostgreSQL. Their server stacks further include Cassandra, which we all know is a plinth for all Facebook products.

Since the integration of Instagram Stories, the engineering team has been working with IG Disk Cache, IG JSON Parser, IGListKitUICollectionView data binding framework for iOSx, and the Rebound Animation Library for Android devices. They have also been using FLEX for iOS devices to make their application and new integrations more cross-platform friendly.

They use Redis to power their main feed. It also powers their session’s system and related app systems regularly. Since Redis data need to fit into available memory, the team runs several quadruple extra large memory instances for it.

They usually run Redis in a master replica setup to save memory and time. This is much faster and spares the server, too. For caching, Instagram still relies on Memcached, like most of the other popular web services and apps. As their number of users and bulk of data grow with time, their Memcached instances also improved.

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Regular monitoring services keep the team ahead

Monitoring is a part of the team’s task.

Back in 2011, they started with Munin to graph all the user-end metrics across the system. The same alerted the team if something went amiss.

As of 2015, the team relies more on Python and Python-Munin to write custom plugins for their web service. These plugins can efficiently provide metrics that are not a part of the system level. The list includes photos uploaded by users per minute, sign-ins per minute, and comments on an influencer’s post. Sentry has always been a reliable opensource Django app for reporting Python-related errors in the system.

Their success in the smooth integration of new features lies in the process of testing cross-platform compatibility from the days of conception. They thoroughly check their new filters, video features, and gallery features across multiple devices before the final deadline. They use a plethora of tools from Facebook and services, too. That helps us run these new Instagram features smoothly on almost all devices.

The very need for an application that can work across multiple platforms brings the need for simple yet powerful RDBMS stacks and simple servers. The minimalism of the entire setup, including the data infrastructure at the Instagram back-end, makes it a great app for every device and every operating system.

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