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Welcome once more to the “How to Be a Grownup Podcast Breakdown”!  My name is Erik Andress and I am the host of this show.  Today, I am humbled and grateful to bring you the words and wisdom of entrepreneur Jeremy Slate!  He has a fascinating story of redemption and hustle that we all can learn something valuable from.

Check out this podcast interview with Jeremy to learn all his tips, tricks, and techniques that he wants you to know to live a empowered life:
While there were a lot of gems this ambitious entrepreneur dropped, here are the three most important ways Jeremy believes that you can do to revolutionize your business and personal life:

1. Connect to others with authenticity and genuine compassion

We live in this weird time right now.  We live in a time in which it is seemingly socially acceptable for two young people on a date to be staring at their cell phones as opposed to each other. We live in a time where people automate their social media responses and text back pre-written answers to people that attempting to contact them. This practice of detached communication is slowly eroding our ability to connect with each other.  Over the course of my conversation with Jeremy Slate, we discussed the profound power that lies behind authentic communication.

Want to differentiate yourself from other people? Use heart-centered and compassionate communication. Be the person that tells a potential client the unfettered truth. Be the person that tells your significant other that they are deeply meaningful to you. Be the person that resolves disputes with co-workers peaceably while still recognizing the humanity in them. Be the person that goes out of your way to tell your teacher or professor that you are very grateful for the opportunity to learn under them. There are so many individuals out there right now trying to find that romantic partner, trying to start and sustain their own entrepreneurial venture, trying to get to the top of their class in their respective academic institutions. If you want to stand out from the crowd, do so by communicating in a much more meaningful way. It doesn’t take much more than a few kind words, eye contact, and a willingness to persist in conversation even when you have a deep desire to grab your iPhone from your pocket and start flipping through Instagram once more!

“The way we communicate with others and ourselves, ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” – Tony Robbins

2. Persistence and patience are key components of success

I will admit it. As a former English teacher, I love clichés. The reason I do is that there is a kernel of truth for us to learn from in each of them. One of my favorites is, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I think that this particular platitude is so important for us to keep in mind because of the kind of culture that you and I have gotten used to living in is infatuated with getting things handed to them instantaneously. It feels deeply frustrating to me that so many young people are obsessed with the idea of instant gratification or attaining their goals immediately.

In reality, all good things in our lives have to be fought for.  A business is not built overnight. It takes countless hours and a lot of sweat equity to develop and demonstrate your value in the marketplace. A great relationship does not come immediately. A long term and sustainable relationship is one that you have to work on. Graduating at the top of your class is no easy feat. To be that kind of young scholar, you need to accept the fact that you will have many late nights in study groups, with tutors and with your nose shoved in a book. Be patient and continue to push. When you apply this principle to your life, you will absolutely start to see the success that you want to have!

Your legacy is being written by yourself.  Make the right decisions Gary Vaynerchuk

3. Have an undying faith in your dream and your grind

There is a price for success that most people are unwilling to pay. Unfortunately, while I am a proud educator, I believe that our schools have failed many of you in that regard. For much of your young life you have had your hands held, you have been told that you are special, and anytime that you complain about your challenges, you have been given a copious amount of help. Sadly, as many of you know, this is a far cry from what you will experience in the real world.

There are always going to be that was the doubt you. There are going to be those that see you in the early stages of your journey toward success, and they will take that opportunity to try to tear you down. They will take that opportunity to try and laugh at you. Nevertheless, this is the time that you need to fight the hardest. This is the time that you need to believe the most in that dream that keeps you awake at night. Understand that you don’t need the approval of others to chase your version of success. You don’t need other people to co-sign the thing that you wish for the most. If your teacher doesn’t believe that you have the ability to find real success in the classroom, show them differently. If your significant other doesn’t believe that you can be a better partner to them, show them differently. If your business partner or clientele don’t see you as a leader, show them differently. The universe does not shape you, you shape the universe!

“Every time I wake up, I am thinking that I am alive, this is the day!  This is an opportunity.” – Eric Thomas

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “How to Be a Grownup Podcast!”  If you have some takeaways from the interview I missed, SOUND OFF in the comments below.