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Kolby Kay is a renaissance man who wears many hats.  He is a dynamic public speaker, a devoted Dad, a business strategist, the owner of several companies, and the mastermind behind the supplement movement, “The Healthy Primate”.  He is a walking testament to the power of the “hustle”, and I am excited for you to get to know him over the course of the podcast!

In this podcast, Kolby shares powerful insight on how his past experiences and the adversity he has overcome has given him a rare drive and sense of ambition that is matched by few in the entrepreneurial space today.

While there were a lot of gems this awesome entrepreneur dropped, here are the three most important ways Kolby believes you can revolutionize your life:

1. You are not defined by the names that they call you

We have all struggled with the labels that were placed upon us by the adults in our lives during our formative years.  Even well-intentioned authority figures gave us the monikers of “too fat”, “too skinny”, “too smart”, “not bright enough”, or any other myriad of names that stuck to us like glue and began to shape our views of ourselves.  For many of us, the final nail in the coffin, was the fact that we felt like our school experience stifled our creativity and individuality.  We were told that we were no longer allowed to be “square pegs” and we had to fit into the “round holes”.  We were convinced that we were not “out of the box thinkers”, we were “troublemakers”.  We were not bursting with potential, we had “attention problems”.

I am telling you right now that you are enough.  You have passions, talents, skills and unique experiences that make you a valuable addition to any team or organization. Embrace what makes you great and let go of anybody’s opinion to the contrary.

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou

2. Build your tribe with genuine and heartfelt interaction

There is a certain type of pitch that seems really popular on social media right now.  It is boilerplate, it tells me nothing about the creator of the product and it looks like a mad-libs game for entrepreneurs.  They go something like: “Now, the new course from the world’s most dynamic speaker (insert name of random businessperson you’ve never heard of)!  You will learn to (something plagiarized poorly from a “Dailyvee” episode).  You can get this invaluable information for the LOW price of 11 kajillion dollars!”

People don’t buy your product, they buy into you.  They buy into your story.  People don’t purchase Apple products because they are technologically superior to their competitors.  Consumers flock to purchase the new iPhone, because they have bought into the ethos that the company has cultivated.  Steal the tactics from the masters and do the same for your end users.  Show them your ups and your downs.  Document your passion.  Engage in authentic conversation with a community that you have helped to build.  Bring them into your love affair with the product or service that you honestly believe will better their lives.  By doing so, you won’t just have customers, you will have dedicated fans for life.

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen..” – Brené Brown

3. Be genuine and authentic with those that you love

It is incredibly easy to get lost in the pursuit of success and lose sight of the wonderful gifts that you already have in your life.  We, as people who chase bigger and better things, have been known to sacrifice a lot at the altar of our greater goals.  Look, I am not here to tell you that money and material things are not great.  As a person that has been without creature comforts, and now has a few zeros in my bank account, I can tell you unequivocally that having money is much better than being without.

Nevertheless, while money helps us to live efficiently, it is the relationships that we build and the love that we give to others that allows us to live DEEPLY.  Go to the dance recitals, cheer loudly for your kid’s soccer team, take your significant other out to a lavish “date night” and know that it is these investments that will help your life have real meaning.  When we lay on our deathbed, someday in the hopefully distant future, we will want to reminisce not on what we took for ourselves but rather the great good that we gave to others.

“Be somebody who makes EVERYONE feel like a SOMEBODY.” – Kid President

Check out this podcast interview with Kolby to learn all his tips, tricks, and techniques that he wants you to know to live a empowered life:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “How to Be a Grownup Podcast!”  If you have some takeaways from the interview I missed, SOUND OFF in the comments below.